Toys From Trash

We give credit to the renowned scientist, Mr Arvind Gupta, for these amazing ideas to make toys from trash. He has been making toys for the past 2 to 3 decades from materials easily available in households to explain the concepts of science. On days when you’re sitting at home with your children and you’ve run out of ways to keep them away from the television, there are a few simple toys you can make with them!


What’s required: Paper cups, scissors and coloured pens.


2. Spray Pens



3. Ice-Cream Stick

4. Spin Earth

Make holes with a punching machine or with a pencil in the bent legs.

Fix base of strips to centre of the Film Can Lid.

5. Bubble Spinner

It’s a simple low cost toy which hands on science and maths.


What’s required: small plastic water bottle, ring magnet, scissors, cycle spoke.

Cut the bottle so as to make 3 equal rings

6. Can Train


7. Bottle Cap Tumbler

8. Stretchable Stomach



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