Toy Safety & Quality

CocoMoco Kids manufactures the highest quality toys meeting international toy safety guidelines.

Our products are tested at internationally reputed labs like Beaurea Veritas, Underwriter Labs or Intertek.

All products adhere to the respective country guidelines as stated below.

USA – ASTM F963-17 and CPSIA

Europe – EN71 Part 1,2,3

India – IS:9873

Gulf GCC– G-Mark (BD-131704-01)

Please click on the following links to view our testing reports.

(6719)163-0036(Revision01) (1)


Some of the safety guidelines to remember when you are buying toys:

  • Age labelling: Gifting is fine, but it is important to consider age limits. A child of 4-8 months is more likely to taste anything offered or lying around. High-quality toys devoid of lead and other harmful chemicals suit children of this age.
  • Small parts: Many toys consist of smaller parts. Research says that if a part of a toy can fit into a toilet paper roll, then it is not suitable for children under the age of 3. The danger posed is swallowing of the parts and that has to be avoided.
  • Cleanliness: It is very important to clean toys with water and disinfectants regularly. It is also good to avoid buying soft toys for children below one year, as the chances of infection are high.
  • Quality Materials: Toys require high quality raw materials which do not contain harmful chemicals, lead, phatalates, cadmium, etc.
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