5 Best Toy Laptops for Kids

Toy Laptops for kids are a good alternative to your child’s digital time, especially when they look at you working on one and want to pretend play and mimic your behaviour.

There are plenty of choices for toy laptops starting at as low as Rs. 249.

A toy laptop is also a good birthday gift or a birthday return gift for kids.

Choose a laptop which has maximum activities for kids to learn and has good reviews, rather than choosing a cheaper one because that is bound to just be another case of plastic pollution.

Here are the 5 best Toy Laptops for kids in India

Viihaa English Learner Kids Laptop with 20 Activities – Rs. 795 on Amazon
Top Review states –
Value for money product.
Pro of Viihaa Kids Laptop:
1-Easy to use
2- Lots of feature for kids to learn, Alphabet, Words, and others.
Cons of Viihaa Kids Laptop:
1- No volume control, sometimes the sound is too loud and volume control would have been a nice feature.
2- Game is of no use. Didn’t find anything interesting in the game for kids.

BabyGo Learn English Machine Kids Laptop – Rs. 499 on Amazon

Aquaras Educational Learning Kids Laptop – Rs. 289 on Amazon

Activities and Games Fun Laptop Toy – Rs. 1399 on Amazon

20 Activities and Games Fun Laptop Notebook -Rs. 799 on Amazon

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