8 Best English Games for Kids

With English being the universal language, it becomes extremely important that children write and speak it impeccably. To do that, the groundwork must start as soon as possible. Conversing in English with and around them should become a habit. But learning 3 words a day, incorporating them in their essays and extempores does become a bit mundane. To make things more fun and interesting, make that learning indirect and fun at the same time. Use that playtime with them and make it as productive as you can with these games and see how much fun playing becomes.

1. Spell buzz by CocoMoco Kids

Age: 5-7 Years

Inspired by spelling bee competitions, this game is a great replacement to dictations. It can be played while travelling in the car, at home or in a classroom!

Gameplay: Pick out bee pieces and ask your kid(s) to spell the word written on the bee. If they spell the word correctly, they get the bee. If not, it goes back to the pile. Play this game until all the bees are collected by the contestants. Avoid pulling out the BUZZ bees, they sting you and you lose all the bees you collected! Whoever has the largest pile, wins the game! Add more to the activity by asking them to make a sentence with that word. Incorporate those words in your common parlance so that it gets etched in their mind! It will improve their vocabulary and boost their esteem!

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2. Scrabble by Mattel

Age: – 10-103 years

A classic and one of the most renowned games, couldn’t not be on the list! This game has to be a part of your family game-nights! Keep the dictionary close by while playing it. When in doubt if the word on your mind truly exists, look up the word and its meaning. And ta-da you’ve learnt a new word! Just by playing! An absolute classic!

For Kids below 10, you can also try out Scrabble Junior.

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3. Tango Proverbs by CocoMoco Kids

Age: 5-12 years

This one’s a fun family game inspired by a Japanese game called Karuta. Karuta is played in Japan on New years and special occasions with family.

Gameplay: Proverbs are split into pairs of cards. Match cards and complete the pairs of proverbs. With a special emphasis on enhancing expression in language, these cards are neatly designed and split into two bright colours- red and blue. The red cards have the first half of an English Proverb while the blue cards have the second half of an English proverb. The corresponding cards of the same proverb share the same cute little graphic to keep the game thematic and guide children towards matching the cards.

This card game helps hone linguistic expression, boosts knowledge and improves interpersonal skills through social play.

Picture Credit CocoMoco Kids

4. Pictionary Junior by Mattel

Age: – 12 years and above

It may seem like a simple draw and guess game but there is so much more to it. From reading the word to converting that into an image in the brain and then drawing it to send a message to the other players induces in a child to be creative. It helps improve hand-eye coordination. A fun game to ignite children’s imagination and doesn’t require anyone to be great in drawing.

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5. Sort in The Box by Chalk and Chuckles

Age: – 3-6 years

This box consists of animals, shapes and visual features. All you have to do this get your kids to sort the jumbled up tiles in their assigned compartment. Teach them all about the different facts about each picture and all the shapes and ask them to talk about them! Improves their social skills and develops their visual perception!

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6. Gaming Taboo Board Game by Hasbro

Age: – 13 years and above

An interactive game which involves wracking your brain and induces thinking on your feet, enhances creativity, boosts knowledge while playing!

Race against time and get your team members to guess as many phrases as you can without speaking the unspeakable words within the time limit. The taboo game is the game of unspeakable fun!  If you mention forbidden words, you’re done for as the other team with squeak the squeaker and you lose points. Taboo can provide tons of fun and keep you sitting on the edge of our seat. Add twists and turns with the dice. The team with the most points wins.

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7. The RSC-Shrink Rory’s Story Cubes

Age: – 6 years and above

This game consists of nine dice with shapes instead of numbers! Roll all of them and get your kids to narrate their own story on the spot! Makes numerous combinations which can be played again and again! This game induces their imagination and improves their oratory skills! Play this game on family nights and spend your time productively.

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8. Magnetic Fun with Alphabet and Word by Play Poco 

Age: – 4 years and above

Another game to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and concentration and to develop reading skills making it perfect to introduce simple words to your young ones! Includes many picture magnets, letter magnets, a magnetic board and a spelling guide. For more information about the game, click here!

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Let us know which English games you liked the most, have used before or the one you’re interested in by commenting below!

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