33 Return Gifts for Kids Under Rs 100

One might wonder what can be given as return gifts for kids under rupees 100 to all the kids. Stop right there because there are tonnes of return gifts that can be bought under hundred. We’ve made a list of 33 items that you can use as return gift ideas for kids under a strict budget! So keep scrolling!


Whether carrots and peas or dolphins and diamonds, gifts all the kids these quirky pens. They’re made of silicon so it provides a firm grip and doesn’t hamper their writing! If you don’t want to go for carrots or dolphins, you can go for minions too!

Picture Credit The June Shop


These cute mini notebooks can become their personal journal to pen down their thoughts! Gift the flamingo ones to the girls and the character ones to the boys! They’re handy so they can be taken while travelling, so they can write about whatever they see or do during their travel journey! You can also buy the mini flamingo notepads!

Picture Credit The June Shop

3. Smiley Faced Sharpener for Kids Birthday Return Gift

Buy these cute emoticon sharpeners and add it to a pencil pouch or a box as return gifts to all the gifts! They’ll be so happy and excited to use it!

Picture Credit Giftoo

4. Ball-in-A-Maze Puzzles

This ball in a maze puzzle will keep the kids engaged for hours!

Picture Credit Amazon

5. Apsara Scholars Kit

This set consists of crayons, erasers, sharpeners, pencils and more! They make the perfect school starter kit! A must buy!

Picture Credit Amazon

6. Tiny Cuddles Mikado Plastic Sticks Game

Hold all the sticks together and let them fall. Pick as many as you can without moving any other stick! A great game to improve kids concentration! They make great return gifts!

Picture Credit Amazon

7. Joyful Mickey Mouse Pencil Box Free Stationary Inside

You can also go for the Captain America, Iron Man and Superman boxes for the boys!

Picture Credit Amazon

8. Tic Tac Toe Game Set 

A handy game set which can be taken while travelling!

Click here to buy it!

Picture Credit Firstcry

9. Skipping Rope With Counter

This skipping rope comes with a counter so it’s easier to keep track of how many times kids are skipping! Comes in various colours!

Picture Credit Giftoo

10. Optical Instrument Magnifying Glass

A fun prop that kids can use to pretend and be in the 1800s while they are read books!

Buy them here!

Picture Credit Giftoo

11. Giraffe Photo Frame 

They make excellent gift for kids as they would love to insert pictures of friends and family as memories!

Picture Credit Giftoo

12. Mickey Plate Set

This Mickey shapes plates come with spoons and forks and is perfect for kids between 2 to 6 years of age! It comes in different colours!

Picture Credit theoneshop

13. Birdie Fruit Fork Set

These colourful forks will make the kids super happy and excited to eat fruits all the time! This one’s a thoughtful and cute return gift for all the kids!

Picture Credit theoneshop

14. Animal or Jungle Theme Gift Combo|Paper Bag|Big Diary|Whiteboard small|2 Candies|Animal Pencil|Thank you card

With a jungle theme diary, whiteboard, thank you card and more, all in a jungle-themed bag, this return gift idea is ideal for a jungle-themed birthday party!

Picture Credit Returngiftwala

15. 6 in 1 PUBG Theme Sketch Pens with Rolling Stamps

This set of sketch pens with stamps can be used to make greeting cards for friends and family or might also be useful for school projects!

Picture Credit Returngiftwala

16. DIY Bendy Flexible Pencil With Top Eraser

Kids can bend and twist these pencils into almost any shape, even tie them in a knot!

Picture Credit Giftoo

17. Cute Little Unicorn Theme Coin Wallets with Key Chain| Single Piece

These cute unicorn wallets with key chains can be attached to bags and used to keep coins or hand sanitizers or lip balms and more!

Picture Credit Returngiftwala

18. Animal Theme 3 in 1 Car Pen Holder 

With this 3 in 1 multipurpose car pen holders, you can organize your stationery, insert your photographs and can use the cutout clip in the front for holding reminders and cards!

Picture Credit Returngiftwala

19. Fancy Straw with cartoon character

Buy these fancy straws here!

Picture Credit Giftoo

20. Smiley Spring Funny Doll Toys

These dolls can be kept on the window facing the sun. They make cute décor toys for the rooms!

Picture Credit Giftoo

21. Double Side White & Black Slate with Duster

These cute double-sided slate can be used by kids to doodle their time away!

Picture Credit Giftoo

22. Unicorn Wooden House Bank

Gift all the kids these cute unicorn banks to keep their coins safe!

Picture Credit Giftoo

23. “5-Star” Fun Board 5 Games

This set of 5 board games is a great way to spend time with them and keep them away from the screen!

Picture Credit Giftoo

24. Set of 2 Headband Bow Girls

If it’s an all-girls party, you could give these cute bow hairband to all the girls as return gifts!

Picture Credit Giftoo

25. Portable Flexible Ruler Scale

These transparent flexible scales can be easily used for sketching, drafting, drawing lines without any problems!

Picture Credit Giftoo

26. Slime – For Kids Play Fun for All Ages

Let’s face it, kids LOVE slime (even some adults :P). Definitely an idea to consider!

Buy it here!

Picture Credit Giftoo

27. Feed Water & Grow – 7 Color Crystal Boll Soil – 1 Pouch

These small balls grow when they’re put in water. Get a transparent vase and put these colourful balls in them and add a plant with it!

Picture Credit Giftoo

28. Invisible Ink Pen With UV Light – Magic Pen

These invisible pens can be used to send secret messages to their friends and without anyone knowing about it! They’re fun and will definitely be a hit among kids!

Picture Credit Giftoo

29. Wooden Spectacle Holder

These specs holders can be used to hold their sunglasses and they make a great décor for their rooms!

Picture Credit Amazon

29. Magic Folding Water Cup/ Glass

These foldable glasses for kids are great for when they’re travelling. Once these glasses are empty, they can easily be folded and kept in the bag.

Picture Credit Giftoo

30. Lipstick Shape Quick-Drying Ink Gel Pen 

These glittery lipstick shapes pens will be a favourite among the girls!

Picture Credit Giftoo

31. Rubber Snake Toy

These toy snakes are great to play a prank on someone!

Picture Credit Giftoo

32. Straw Sipper Water Bottle Cartoon Characters – Assorted colour

These cute cartoon character sippers make great water bottles for school!

Picture Credit Giftoo

33. LED Sensor Beautiful Automatic Glow Night Lamps

This beautiful lamp is automatic and uses sensor technology– Just plug it in the switchboard–and whenever there is a darkness in the room it will automatically illuminate itself– comes in a colourful printed box packing– there are multiple colours in this beautiful lamp– plug it in and see the magic.

Picture Credit Returngiftwala

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