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4.00 out of 5
  • Inspire your kids to LEARN GEOGRAPHY with our bestselling World Box – a perfect gift for every child! It helps improves general knowledge, rewarding and motivating to boost curiosity, refines gross and fine motor skills, enhances creativity and critical thinking.
  • INCLUDES – a World map with reusable stickers activity kit, pretend play activity with Play Passport Kit with Stickers, Travel Scrapbook, and a game of Country Trump Cards (set of 50 cards) Great gift for kids (boys and girls) in the ages 5-12 years.
  • CocoMoco Kids makes award-winning educational games for children aged 2-12 years. Our expertise is in our geography series of games aiming to inspire children to learn about the world. Your search for good gifts and return gifts for kids ends here!



The World Map for Kids from CocoMoco Kids is a fun learning activity where children paste 100+ stickers of flags, currencies, country names and attractions on a beautifully illustrated world map poster.
The children’s world map measures 36 inches x 24 inches and is made of a special waterproof and tear proof material making it extremely durable. Most kids world map are cluttered with too much detail and kids end up loosing interest very fast, but this children’s map provides an easy way for kids to develop an interest in geography and the world.


The map covers all 7 continents like North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. World Map countries covered are United States of America, England, Australia, Brazil, France, Egypt, South Africa, India, China, Japan, Norway and all others.
Learn About the World! A fun way to learn Geography! The World Box includes: World Map Activity with Stickers Country Trump Cards Game Passport With Stickers Activity Travel Scrapbook
Ages Suitable for 5-10 year old boys and girls We do know a lot of 4 year old kids who have used this box with lots of excitement as well!

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Weight 0.66 kg
Dimensions 27 × 21.5 × 5 cm



5-12 Year

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800 g

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27x21x7 cm

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    4 out of 5

    Who’s this for: Box says age 5 to 12 , however I feel even adults can find this very insightful. It’s made for the traveller in you.

    What’s in there: Travelogue scrapbook, An actual stamping instrument which has year, month,and date with a stamp pad, stickers, a play passport kit and trump cards and a beautiful world map of top notch quality with lots of information which makes learning more fun for the kids. It will definitely keep your child accupied and have a really fun time. Im super excited to own this and I really can’t wait for my daughter to start playing with this and learn from it.

    As mentioned earlier,This is for the traveller in you, trust me when I say this. Havent you ever dreamt of visiting a land far far away, only to be hit in the gut by reality.”This is for dreamers ONLY” Reminiscent of a time when we had nothing holding us back, and no end to the power of imagination.
    This will couple well with a book that tells you fun facts about the dreamland that you wish to visit. As Pharell Williams says: “A book can take you anywhere or make you anything”. So grab a book and join Pharrell on a trip to Egypt or on a search for buried treasure, and discover all you have to do is read.

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