Solar System and Space Theme Combo Pack



This combo pack is a great gift for young space explorers learning about planets, space objects, and more! Includes three fun learning tools. SOLAR SYSTEM PUZZLE 30 pieces JIGSAW PUZZLE, 2in1 COLOURING ACTIVITY on back. Medium-sized 2-in- 1 jigsaw puzzle with 30 jumbo pieces packaged in a tin box to help your child take the first step in learning the solar system. Brightly colored planets, asteroids, comets, and other space objects are designed to help your child learn and create memories through the joy of a toy.


🌗 Learn about the universe with this Solar System SNAP fun card game can be played in many ways! Play it as SNAP card game, use it as flash cards to learn and teach about different space objects and planets, or use it as a memory game to engage kids for hours of fun!

🌎 A great way to get your toddler and kids in the age groups 2-7 years excited to learn about their favourite imaginative topic of Space and the Solar System! A great travel game to carry everywhere and a perfect gift for any kid!

🚀 SKILLS: Improves memory, enhances gross and fine motor skills, helps in matching skills and dexterity, improves cognitive skills and knowledge

🌠 Throw a Space theme / Planets theme / Solar System theme birthday party and this would be the perfect Return Gift or Party Favor for kids!

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Solar System and Space Theme Combo Pack
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