Solar System Puzzle – Set of 5 pcs



This 30 jumbo pcs jigsaw puzzle is perfect for tiny hands of 2-6 year old kids. It doubles up as a colouring activity as you flip it and turn it over! Cutely packaged in a tin box, it’s a great birthday gift or a return gift for any little explorer’s birthday party! Puzzles are essential to a child’s growth and play time.


  • Solar System Puzzle 30 pieces JIGSAW PUZZLE, 2in1 COLOURING ACTIVITY on back. Medium sized 2-in- 1 jigsaw puzzle with 30 jumbo pieces packaged in a tin box to help your child take the first step in learning the solar system. Brightly coloured planets, asteroids, comets and other space objects are designed to help your child learn and create memories through the joy of a toy.
  • Step 1: Form the 30 pcs solar system puzzle Step 2: Flip over to colour the back.
  • AGES: 2-5 year old boys and girls; Full Size: 14 x 12 inches; Number of Players: 1-2
  • SKILLS: – Boosts Knowledge and Memory – Enhances cognitive skills – Rewarding and motivating – Builds self-esteem – Develops fine and gross motor skills – Teaches Patience
  • Great RETURN GIFT for Kids, comes packed in Reusable Tin Box. Throw a Space Themed Birthday Party and this is a perfect return gift for the kids!

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 35 cm


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Solar System Puzzle – Set of 5 pcs
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