Christmas Jumbo Pack for 2-4 year olds


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Hop Around The World-Giant World Map Perfect for toddlers to jump around on. Our best selling birthday gift for a toddler, girls and boys.

Magnetic Travel Bingo GAMEPLAY: Carry this game when you’re on the road or in the park. Children will inquisitively look around to spot an item matching with the picture drawn on Bingo sheet and then place a magnet on the picture.

Solar System Puzzle – This 30 jumbo pcs jigsaw puzzle is perfect for tiny hands of 2-6 year old kids.



PLAY LIKE TWISTER (INCLUDES CARDS): Innovative way of learning geography! Can be spread on the floor to be played as a game. Includes a set of cards with country names, animals and other famous things from the world written on it. Another set of cards specifies left/right arm, left/right leg. Read out a country name from one card and call out the arm/leg from the other card (e.g. right leg, India), and the child has to place the specified arm/leg on the correct location.
TRAVEL GAME with 5 themes and 25 Foam Magnets. A great game to carry in car or to the park. Thematically designed for your inquisitive little one, it comes in a well-designed brightly coloured case which is easy to carry and contains a built-in magnetic board.
Solar System Puzzle 30 pieces JIGSAW PUZZLE, 2in1 COLOURING ACTIVITY on back. Medium sized 2-in- 1 jigsaw puzzle with 30 jumbo pieces packaged in a tin box to help your child take the first step in learning the solar system. Brightly coloured planets, asteroids, comets and other space objects are designed to help your child learn and create memories through the joy of a toy.


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