New Born Baby Room Décor Preparation Ideas for Parents

Confused about where and how to start decorating the room for the arrival of your little one? Never thought that so much goes into only decorating a baby’s room right? Don’t worry! Decorating a new born’s room might seem like a hectic task in your big to-do list with about a 1000 other things that are still left but it’s a fun and creative task if you’re into decorating! From deciding between a pram and a stroller or whether it’s necessary to buy both to deciding between a bassinet and a crib there’s so much going on! One might probably not even thought of a theme for their kid’s room or all the other things required in their room! Don’t worry! Keep scrolling below to read more about room decoration ideas to prep the arrival of your baby!

Q. What colours are best for baby development? What colours are babies attracted to?

According to many, the colour of a room does affect a person’s psyche and influences their mood. So, it’s important that the colour you’re a newborn baby’s room is soothing and relaxing for your newborn baby. Subdued or soft shades of blue is one of the most common options most parents go for especially if they are expecting a baby boy. Another great option to go for is lilac or pale purple. This one’s a colour that resonates with wisdom and spirituality and creates a tranquil atmosphere for babies. Pastel pinks, earthy neutrals and soft whites are other amazing options you can choose for your newborn baby’s room whether one is decorating it for a baby boy or a baby girl!

Q. When should one start decorating my nursery?

You can start preparing the nursery around 3-4 months in advance to be fully prepared for the arrival of your baby! It’s important to start well in advance because there’ll be any change of plans going around for the first few weeks and the more a person reads, the more they realise that there are a billion things required to prepare for a baby. The furniture and crib, a few storage boxes or an entire storage unit to store all the toys and their clothes, baby bathtubs are a good place to start!

Q. What are the best newborn baby room décor ideas?

Whether it’s a small space or a big one, here are 10 best newborn baby room decorating ideas we’ve listed, which you can use to prep before the arrival of your little one!

1. Theme

Based on the theme of your new born’s room, you can select all the other things for their room. For example, if you have decided on a safari theme, then the room can be painted by the theme, for the play mobil, parents can opt for an animal-themed baby mobil that can be placed on the crib to keep the baby occupied. The soft toys can also be picked according to the theme! Another popular option is the sea theme or the nautical themed room for newborn babies!


2. Soft Toys

Having soft toys in your baby’s room is a given! Soft toys can entertain the baby and keep them occupied when parents have loads of chores to do.


3. Playmat

Similar to soft toys, playmats are also essential because parents will definitely not keep their babies on the floor while parents and caregivers are trying to finish their leftover work.


4. Crib

The crib is the most needed piece of furniture in the baby’s room!


5. Storage Unit

A storage unit is one of the most important things parents will want to invest in to keep the newborn baby’s room organised and clean to avoid the mess because no parent will want extra chores!


6. Wall dedicated to pictures

Every parent will want to cherish all the memories as their babies grow older, so parents might want to dedicate an entire wall for their pictures over the years!


7. Small bookshelf

Parents will definitely want to read as many books possible before and after the arrival of the baby to be prepared for any situation! Even when the baby arrives, books will be a huge help to get the baby to sleep or help them get to sleep in the future! So investing in a bookshelf is a must! Those shelves can also be used to keep souvenirs and soft toys if there are any empty shelves left!


8. Door latch cover

Getting a baby to sleep is probably one of the most difficult tasks a parent has to deal with! And finally, when the baby has fallen asleep, they’ll surely not want to make to wake them up again! That’s when these door latch covers come in handy. Apply these covers to the door of their room to ensure that there’s no noise while opening or closing the door!


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