My Corona Vacation

The third and final essay contest was held between 8th of May, 2020 and 18th of May, 2020 and these are the winners!

My Corona Vacation

1. Due to the corona pandemic the government announced the lockdown across the country. Although we are quarantined at home, I am having a great time with my family. We do a lot of activities together. In the morning we do yoga and exercises. After breakfast we complete our school assignments. In the afternoon we all play board games and read books. In the evening we all play outdoor games together. I have learnt new art and craft techniques from my mother. We also watch movies and mythological shows on television. Whenever I get time play piano and listen to music. One best thing I like the most about this holiday is that whatever I am doing I am safe with my family for that I thank the corona warriors like policemen, nurses, doctors, etc who are working all day long to keep us safe. I am enjoying my Quarantine holidays. -Divyansh Mittal (9 years old)

2. Due to the spread of coronavirus the government had lockdown everything. That’s how the journey of quarantine started. In the morning our entire family gets up and does physical exercise and yoga. After we all get ready we have our breakfast. Then my brother and I do our school assignments. Then we have our lunch. I also help my mother in all the household chores like laying the table and making my bed. She also helps me in baking cookies and cakes. In the afternoon we all play board games and have fun. I also do some craft like paying and drawing. In the evening we all play outdoor games. Before going to bed I read my novels and watch television. I am enjoying my holidays. The best part is I am learning new things from my parents and we are all together safe in our house. -Divesha Mittal (9 years old)

3. Corona vacations are very different from the summer vacation we used to get. Every summer vacation I used to go on a tourist destination and to grandparents house with my family to enjoy and make beautiful memories. However this time I have to spend all my holidays being at home to myself and my family safe and healthy. I start my day doing yoga, exercise. Then I get ready to attend 2 hours online classes. I enjoy attending them because I meet all my friends even in the holidays. After this, my mother I help my mother in doing household chores and cooking food so that she can quickly complete her work. This also keeps active and busy. In evening we all play mind games, board games, dance and other activities. The positive part is that we are spending quality time with family. Hence, gradually I started liking this difficult yet different vacation. -Aayushman Chadha (8 years old)

4. My name is Aahhana. I am 6 years old. I live in Indore. I am spending my corona vacation with my family at home. I have learnt origami and puppet making from my mum. I am learning to play badminton with my daddy. I have also helped my dadi in making ravioli and enjoyed it too. Thank You. – Aahhana Chhajlany (6 years old)


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