How To Spend Your Kid’s Birthday during Lockdown

With the pandemic, quarantine and social distancing we’re all in a bit of a pickle, it’s been a tough time coping with this situation that has dawned upon us. But it’s worse for the kids who were looking forward to their birthday so much. And as parents you were scrolling through Pinterest for birthday ideas and themes and how can you make this day special for them. Now you’re probably wondering how can you celebrate birthdays in lockdown or how can you make your child’s birthday special during this lockdown.

Here are a few home party ideas in lockdown that you can use to make your kid’s birthday super special and memorable.

1. Handprints on canvas

We’re sure you definitely have paints at home. That’s all that is required. All you have to do is pour some paint in a palette or a plate and mix some water in it and get your child to dip their hands in the paint and make an impression on the canvas or paper. Just like Tim, your kid can be your in house Picasso! Or get everybody in the family to dip their hands in the paint and make a handprint of the chart paper. Do this with all colours you have. You can also add some glitter to it if you like. Once the lockdown is over, get it framed on the wall! It’s something you can reminisce later on in the future!


2. Have a virtual party

We’re legit doing everything online these days. We’ve been texted our loved ones for years now, e-commerce happened, people started having work video conferences in PJs so why not a virtual birthday party? There are so many platforms you can do that on from Zoom and Whatsapp to Skype and FaceTime! Schedule a time and get on the call with your loved ones together and cut the cake with everyone around!


3. Lockdown birthday Treasure Hunt

This one’s a great lockdown party game! Hide lots of gifts or things that your kids love in different places. Make it as difficult as you can. Give them witty riddles, once they crack the riddle, they can go and get their gift. Or draw a map of the house and mark all the places you’ve hidden the gifts at. You can always improvise and play the way you want.


4. Movie Night

Pop some popcorn and add give a kick to it, add some sugar and make it into caramel popcorn or go for the classic cheese popcorn by adding parmesan cheese to it. Or make your own ice cream at home and bring the entire bowl and some spoons to dig in! Tuck them under the blanket and watch a movie with them on Netflix or Prime!


5. Decorate the house

Decorate the place with free printables available on the internet!


6. Breakfast in Bed

You can get a bit laid back on their special day and serve them breakfast on the bed.


7. Bake a cake for them      

There are a gazillion cake recipes out there on the internet. How to bake and decorate a cake has never been this easy. If you don’t have a mould or enough ingredients to make a one-pound cake, just dump a spoonful of ingredients in a mug, give it a quick mix and put that in the microwave for 2 minutes. And you’ve made a quarantine special mug cake! Pour some Hershey’s on it and decorate them with gems or crushed chocolates!


8. Cook their favourite meal for dinner

If you don’t want to cook or if they are craving junk, order in greasy Chinese or a cheese burst pizza!


9. Have a dance and karaoke party with your close ones

We know more than 10 people are not allowed but aren’t 10 people enough during this time? Get some popcorn and fizz and dance with them on the songs the family sings!


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