How To Spend Time With 4-Year-Olds?

Kids, huh? They can be difficult at times. They are jumpie, energetic little humans who need all your time and attention in the world. As parents, it’s our duty to spend as much time as possible for their growth and development. And plus these are the golden years when you can actually spend time playing with them since once they’re teens they’ll be like “oh my gosh mom, you’re so embarrassing”! This is generally also the time they start getting hooked to the TV and you’re just looking for ways to reduce it as much as possible to get them to do more productive things. So we’ve listed below a few ways you can spend time with them in a productive way – having fun and teaching them something valuable at the same time!

1. Gardening

Gardening is a great way to spend time with children. There are various tasks involved like raking, digging and planting and at the same time you’re exposing them to fresh air and sunshine. Apart from this, you can bring to them the problems of global warming, the importance of planting trees, you can acclimatise them about the environment and also the process of photosynthesis and organic produce. When you talk to them about these things, curiosity takes the best of them and they start asking more questions related to these subjects.

They get to spend time with you and you get to teach them so much! It’s a win-win situation for you and for them!

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They get to spend time with you and you get to teach them so much! It’s a win-win situation for you and for them!

2. Bake with them 

Have you ever met a child who doesn’t like cake? If yes, he or she is definitely a minion of the anti-Christ (just kidding)!  Just tell your little ones you’re baking at home and see them drop everything to help you! It’s just another great way to spend time with them (and getting some help for yourself in the kitchen!)

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Apart from the fun and making-memories, baking with kids also has a lot of benefits! You teach them maths when you tell them to add those two cups of flour or half a cup sugar (they’re counting and using fractions in real life), you’re helping them read when you ask them for the instructions, you’re teaching them a form of science too when they mix the baking soda to the batter! Let them take charge and guide them along the way. Of course they’ll make a mess, but that’s their job!

3. Learn through Play

As 80% of a child’s brain develops in the first two years but there is still some time left for formal education, learning through play is a fun way to introduce your toddler to the basics. The whole point of learning through play is to encourage communication, improve their motor skills and cognitive development, and better their social skills. Singing songs or rhymes, dancing, playing with play dough, water activities, colouring, drawing, painting, building blocks, running, jumping, and climbing are a few of numerous ideas to help them get better!

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4. Educational Games

In modern times, educational learning has taken a huge turn, in the way that games are being incorporated to impart knowledge. The whole point of these educational games is to cater to the enhancement of a child’s learning and memory in the early years of development. It’s a way of challenging them to remember certain details in order to win the game or solve the puzzle. These educational games can be played on the screen or it can be board games too!

When we say educational games on the screen mothers everywhere immediately think about how much time their children are spending there. But the important question is that, is the screen time being utilised properly or not? Even the time spent on computers or mobiles can be spent to teach children about different things. The key is to be around them while doing so and keep communicating with them.

There are many online educational games  that can be played to teach your children or you can stick to the same ol’  board games, puzzles, card games to help your children develop various skills!

Travel Games for Kids. Educational Toys and Learning Games

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5. Art and Craft

The oldest and most cliched activities parents and children have been indulging in since times immemorial. There’s origami, toys you can make from trash,  spray painting, foam painting, glass painting activities one can try if children are bored of the usual painting methods. Making a family tree, DIY photo frames, home-made calendars, bangle art, pencil holders are just a few out of countless craft activities on can indulge in!

You can also add a twist to the activity and make it more interesting by telling them some interesting facts about the activity or drawing or ask them to talk about what there’re doing.

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6. Keep Them Fit with Exercise

Kids who exercise from a young age have a healthy mind and a healthy body. Early mornings are the best time to indulge in some activities. From yoga, swimming to dancing to skipping, there are so many things to choose from. You can also create a sequence of different activities to make things more fun for them. You can create your own obstacle course at home using chairs, tables, bottles and more. There are many benefits of making them do this. Exercising promotes healthy growth and development, helps maintain a healthy weight, improves flexibility and coordination, makes their bones and the mind stronger thus improving concentration and thinking.

After all mens sana in corpore sano is what every parent will want for their children!

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Most of the activities that we’ve mentioned are absolutely common but the most important factor is communication! Communication is the key to helping them improve. Keep asking them questions and induce their thinking!

Let us know what activities do you indulge in with your kids in our comment box! Also do read Toys from Trash and DIY Activities at Home by us!


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