How to Make Boring Subjects Fun for Kids

Just like the world has been keeping up and updating themselves with all the changes that have been taking for the past few decades, it’s necessary to keep updating the way kids are being taught as well because over the years just like the world everything is changing and that includes children and the way they learn too! An amalgamation of old and new ways of learning can make a huge difference so that children enjoy while learning and at the same time grasp everything better.

Below we’ve mentioned 3 ways you can making learning fun for kids and 3 products you can use to make that happen!

1. Flashcards

For the longest time today, flashcards have been used by kids all around the world to retain and retain faster. Whether it’s learning math formulas, improving their lexical cognizance or memorizing historic dates.

2. Storytelling

Kids love stories! That’s no mystery at all. Again with subjects like History, if taught in the way of a story makes kids more engaged and more interested in a topic.

3. Real Life Analogies

We all have studied and practised mean, median and mode questions once in our academic curriculum but did we know how and whether were these concepts used in real life? Drawing analogies from the real world that we live in explains the importance of those topics and where are they used.

Now that we’ve mentioned 3 ways you can make learning fun, try these 3 products mentioned below to make that happen!

1. Geography

World Map Activity Kit With Reusable Stickers 

Age: 4 to 12 Years

This World Map Activity Kit with reusable stickers is a great way to teach kids all about the world we live it. This colourful map consists of famous monuments, longest rivers, places famous for animals, fun facts, famous latitudes and longitudes and so much more! The reusable stickers consist of stickers of flags, animals and monuments too!

After you’ve used this activity kit with your kids and they’re absolutely thorough with the countries, stick this activity map on the wall of their room or the cupboard so you can keep revising with them from time to time. This map can be used as a reference while they’re learning about certain topics in school too!

A fun game you can play with this kit: Stick this map on the wall or wardrobe and ask your kids to point out all the countries on the map. Whoever gets more countries wins the game!

Keep improvising and create your own games and make learning fun for kids as much as possible!

Buy it here.

Other geography games you can try with your kids are Interactive India Map, Solar System SNAP Cards and the World Box.


2. Maths

Math Buzz

Age: 5 to 8 Years

It’s no news that kids fear maths. This box of Math Buzz helps parents math rudimentary math concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division easier for kids. If your kids are struggling or fear this subject, this box is an absolute must. When played in the form of a game, kids feel more confident with tackling this subject which will lead to getting rid of the fear!

Click here to buy this!

Another math game you can try is the Route 99.


3. English

Tango Learning Proverbs

Age: 5 to 12 Years.

This one’s a fun way to introduce children to the concept of proverbs. With a proverb split into two and written on two different coloured cards, kids need to find the two parts and match them. Tell the kids about the meaning of all the proverbs with the help of stories and examples to make your playtime more interactive. After they’ve understood the meaning take it one step further and get them to make sentences as well.

Buy it here!

Another English game that can be tried with kids is Spell Buzz.


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