How To Keep Kids Busy At Home

So the kids have finally gotten a break from all those examinations AND they have to be home to be safe in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.  They’re currently busy idling their time away at home and we all know their love for television outweighs everything else! To reduce that telly time, keep them engaged with some fun educational toys and games. Check out the list below and choose the best for your kids!

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    1. Learn Words and Spellings with Spell buzz

Age: 5-7 years


Picture Credit Amazon

Want your child to improve their vocabulary and ace those spelling tests? Make it happen with this super fun spell buzz game!

To make things more interesting tell them to make a sentence with the word they spell. This game has myriad benefits. It helps them improve their oratory skills, thinking ability and it helps initiate meaningful conversation.

Take these weeks with your kids to teach them those 92 words and see the difference in their lexical cognisance! You can also buy them from Amazon and Flipkart!

2. Explore the World from home with the World box

Age:5-12 years

Do you love to travel? Do you want to inculcate the same in them? Get your children to improve their geography and knowledge about the world sitting at home!  Bring them a step closer by getting them this World box.


Picture Credit Amazon

The session break is the best time to sit with your kids and stick lots of pictures of your past travels in the scrapbook and make them write about those funny incidents and make it their travel diary to reminisce later!

Play these activities with them these few weeks so they get to know about the different countries in the world and fun facts about them at the same time by mixing up activities together so they relate better!

3. Fun With Card Games – Playtime with Route 99

Age: 5 to any!

Picture Credit Amazon

Card games are a great way to pass time! Add a layer of learning to these, and fun time becomes more productive!

Who knew there could be mathematical card games as well? We all, as children, have feared maths once in our life. Some got over it, some got under it.

Play this game with them while travelling. It’s a great way to improve your child’s rudimentary mathematics indirectly and their mental math ability. Buy this game from our official website now!

Do try our other card games like Country Trump Cards, Tango Proverbs and Solar System Snap Cards.

4. Doodle Time with Chalkboard Mats

Age: 3-7 years


Picture Credit Amazon

Did you know that doodling improves concentration? Encourage your child to doodle their time away with these reusable chalkboard mats. A great way to learn alphabet, animals and numbers!

Shop for Chalkboard Mats now!

5. Family Game Nights with World Bingo

Age: 5-10 years

                     Birthday Return Gifts for 5 year olds

Picture Credit Amazon

Some games can be played by the whole family together! Nothing replaces game nights.

Play this World Bingo game at birthday parties, play dates or on a saturday night with your family.

6. More Family fun time with Flag Frenzy

Age: 5 to any!


Picture Credit Amazon

Another geography game which helps your child improve analytical and cognitive skills and your child ends up learning the flags of 60 countries. A simple and easy to play game – Flag Frenzy can keep you hooked for hours! Great way to stay busy any time of the day!

If you liked this article, do comment on which product you liked the most or which products do you use the most. Also, check out our other articles written by us- When to Stop Taking Decisions For Children and 10 Best Educational Games For Kids



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