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Homeschooling kids can get tricky if you don’t know where to start or are scared that you might not be able to provide your kids with the right skill sets. With the holidays coming up there is a major gap in a child’s valuable learning. Getting them to study from their school books and syllabus during their holidays might become a nightmare or they might just refuse to open their books and just get create a scene about it. But the thing is you don’t always have to use the school books and their syllabus to improve their skill sets. There are various other unconventional ways to teach kids something while they’re enjoying. It’s a win-win situation for you and your kids. Your kids get to play and have fun and you get to teach them something thereby enhancing their skills without school books. Here are 10 homeschooling ideas you can try with your kids to keep the learning going!


This has got to be one of the most important tasks you should definitely do WITH them and not FOR them. We’ve seen a lot of parents making schedules for children and telling them to do things but it’s way better if parents sat down with their child and make the schedule with them. It will definitely give them the freedom to do what they want and how they want to go about with the entire day and make them better planners. Once you’re done with the day, sit with them and discuss if the plan went accordingly or where did they waste their time and why they couldn’t complete all their tasks on time, were they slow with their task or they spent more time watching television or on the iPad. After all, as parents, we must raise them so they are capable of doing things themselves, make good plans and good decision-makers! Do this a night before or the first thing when you wake up in the morning.

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We don’t have to say how healthy yoga is, whether adults or kids! After brushing their teeth and making their schedule with them (i.e., if you didn’t do it the night before) it’s time for some yoga. If your kids don’t like yoga, you can indulge them in Zumba too! It’s definitely more fun for kids. It refreshes their mood and after about 45 minutes of playful dancing and exercises, the brain is definitely more energetic and gets the blood flowing in the body!

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There are some DIY activity kits out there like the science adventure box which consists of 5 different DIY activities such as the rainwater harvesting project, mini projectors and windmills and more. This activity kit is a great way to teach them the concepts of air, light, energy and rainwater collection, storage and purification! You can use their science and geography books while playing with kits such as these for crystal clear understanding and better retention or use them and recall whatever they have learnt in the past! There are many such DIY activity kits you can use for educational purposes or just for fun! For more DIY activity kits for kids, click here!

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There are some amazing flashcards and maps with stickers available out there with which you can teach children about countries, their location, famous monuments, languages spoken, currency used and much more! Try the World Map Activity Kit or the India Activity Kit to learn all about the world and India. Replace the famous twister game with these maps and play these games with them to teach your kids all things related to geography.

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Extempore and story-telling is one of the most important homeschooling idea parents should make their children do. It improves their oratory skills, boosts confidence, induces creativity and in a way prepares them for public speaking! Get these story cubes for them, tell them to roll all the dice and finally tell them to make up a story on the spot! Help them incorporate new words they learn in their stories. Play these games when the entire family is around so they get to speak in front of as many people as possible.

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Instead of letting them play on the phone or the iPad or watch television, give them a scrapbook and tell them to stick pictures of anything they love and tell them to write about it. They can cut off pictures from newspapers, magazines, old encyclopaedias or print pictures from the internet. It can be anything at all, anything they love. It keeps them away from the screen and gets their creative side out. You can read what they’ve written in the scrapbook and it might help you understand them even more.

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Ever noticed how excited kids get when they see you bake? They are so excited that they drop the iPad to help you with it (seems pretty exciting to me)! When you’re baking with them, try to teach them about different ratios with the help of measuring cups and spoons and geometry with the shape of the cake! For example, if you’re making a circle, ask them how to calculate diameters, its radius and the logic of tangents and much more!

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Who doesn’t love Treasure Hunt? Add a twist to this game! Add a twist to this game and instead of mapping the house with clues, tell them to solve riddles to ultimately find their prize. With every step make the riddle more difficult. It’s a fun way to improve their analytical and logical skills!

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Discuss what’s going on in the world, make them a part of the conversation and tell them about your opinion on prevailing topics. it will definitely pique their interest and they’ll want to read more about it. Encourage them to write. Get them to start blogging and publish their articles. It will help them understand how to use a web publishing platform.

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There are worksheets galore for kids on the internet. From drawing and colouring to Mathematics and Grammar worksheets, check out Pinterest to print them!

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