Games To Engage 3-4-Year-Olds

After two years children reduce their napping hours a bit which means their playtime increases! So putting that never-ending energy to good use never did any harm. Adding educational toys, DIY activities, colouring, learning games and puzzles to their routine is a great way to keep them active and engaged. We want them to be engrossed in what they’re doing and at the same time develop motor and social skills and hand-eye coordination from an early stage to start building their foundation.

So, we’ve curated a list of activities and games you could play with them!

1. India Jigsaw Puzzle

This colourful medium-sized 2-in-1 jigsaw puzzle with 30 jumbo pieces is perfect to help your child take the first step in forming puzzles. It includes animals, monuments, famous dances and more! There’s also a colouring activity on the back of puzzle which doubles the fun. It’s a great way to introduce them to their country and states they live in and improve their knowledge! They also make great return gift ideas for 2-6-year-old boys and girls.

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2. Playdough set

Playdough is a favourite among kids! Playdough sets are a must-have game for toddlers. They have a role to play in the development of children, whether physical or brainy. From encouraging creativity and being imaginative to strengthening their muscles and finger coordination, there are many! There is a variety of playdough sets to choose from, like baking and cooking to fire truck sets! They come in glittered packs too! Check out the Funskool website for more playdough sets!

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3. Unicorn and Pony Jigsaw Puzzle

Another 2-in-1 jigsaw puzzle with a colouring activity on the back of the puzzle! Do we really need to mention that kids LOVE UNICORNS? Unicorns and Ponies take kids into an imaginative land! You don’t need to think twice about these unicorn puzzles! They too are a great return gift idea for 2-6-year-old boys and girls!

PS: Unicorn themed birthday party would be a great idea for their coming birthday if you’re looking for a theme!

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4. Dollhouse

It’s every girl’s dream and her most treasured possession! Have you seen kids when they play with the dollhouse? They create their own little scenarios and build stage dramas which are often a representation of how they live. So keep a close eye when they’re playing with them because you get to know a lot about how your child feels, thinks and it helps you understand them better. Add your own lift to the dollhouse to learn how elevators work! Learning is everywhere!

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5. Human body floor puzzle

This human body floor puzzle is much more than a jigsaw puzzle, this giant 3 X 2 feet floor puzzle made of wood will help your child learn human anatomy through the joy of a toy. With 60+ removable organs, bones and other body parts along with their labels, this puzzle is sure to boost your child’s human anatomy knowledge and the puzzle pieces are cut in the shape of organs!
The design ideology focusses on enhancing visual-spatial coordination, promoting critical thinking and improving memory. There are so much that your child will be taking back from enhancing their memory to heightening creativity.

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6. Gardening toolset

While gardening is said to be an adult activity, introducing them to children has got no harm at all. In fact, inculcating habits like these goes a long way. Involving them in soil digging, pruning and watering helps develop their motor skills and also introduces them to the whole idea of organic, healthy food. So get them their own set of gardening tools and let them dig in!

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7. Reusable Chalkboards

Since kids love to draw, doodle around and colour these reusable chalkboards are a great way to engage your kids for hours. This pack consists of a set of 3 mats on animals, alphabet, numbers, shapes and dinosaurs and also includes one blank mat for drawing and doodling. The pack contains 10 dust-free chalks. It’s a great way to enhance your child’s gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Carry these along in the car or during your travels to keep your kids busy colouring their time away!

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8. Lego game

Building blocks are a way of hands-on learning for maths and science. Try the LEGO Bricks on a Roll toy set, children can give a definition to their imagination and boost their creative building skills. They can make moving models, Vehicles and much more as this toy set comes with all the accessories needed for a budding builder!

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9. Solar System Snap Cards

3-4-year-olds are intrigued by the solar system and endless space since all they want to be is a scientist or an astronaut when they’re young! These SNAP cards have all planets, constellations, space objects and more drawn on them. This can be played as a memory game or can be used as flashcards. Card games are effective in improving memory and developing gross motor skills, dexterity and academic skills too! Perfect for your toddler!

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10. Hungry hippo

Bring home the hungry hippos waiting to be fed. The Hungry Hippos game is a colourful board game that includes four open-mouthed hippos and a bunch of marbles that need to be aimed into the mouth of the four hippos. The player who is able to feed the hippos the maximum number of times is declared the winner. The trick is to press their tails faster to feed them the maximum marbles. It’s fun and perfect to tap the endless energy of our toddlers!

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11. Travel Bingo

A great game to carry in the car or to the park, it comes in a well-designed brightly coloured case which is easy to carry and contains a built-in magnetic board. It includes 25 foam magnets, 5 BINGO Sheets on 5 themes, i.e., road, animals, grocery/kitchen, home and modes of transport. It is thematically designed for your little one. All they have to do is look around inquisitively to spot an item matching with the picture drawn on the bingo sheet and then place a magnet on the picture. It’s a way to increase their alertness and focus, improve their vocabulary and visual perception and enhances memory and cognitive skills. It’s the ideal game for children aged 2-4 years.

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12. Block Printing Kit

This Block Printing Kit for kids is basically a DIY Activity Kit which consists of greeting cards and wooden blocks of animals and some paints. With this kit, they can design their own greeting or birthday card! It’s a productive activity which keeps them engrossed for quite some time, enhances their creativity and at the same time improves visual-spatial coordination and visual perception. It’s specially designed for small hands. For more information on this product visit CocoMoco Kids.

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If you liked this article, do comment on which product you liked the most, or which product you have bought. Also, check out 10 Best Birthday Gifts For 12-Year-Old Girls and When To Stop Taking Decisions For Children.


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