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You’ve finally got that holiday from work and your kids are also idling their time at home, but you don’t want them to waste it watching television plus with the online classes that have started you want to keep them away from the screen and be a bit more creative or just have fun with them and make memories but are clueless as to how?

Just grab some stuff from the kitchen, the cupboard or the store room that you don’t use anymore and create something kids will love to do! The best part about these activities is it keeps them engaged for hours and gives them a break from the screen time!

1. DIY Stationery Holder

What’s required: Some old soda plastic bottles, your choice of acrylic paints or spray paint, paint brushes, sketch pens/glitter pens and a pair of scissors.

Cut those old plastic bottles into half or the size you want them to be and design it the way you want!

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2. Planters

Plant trees and get them acclimatised to the concepts and problems of global warming, photosynthesis, pollution and the environment! It’s the first step to get them to be more responsible and you can get some planters and decorate your home.

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3. Candles in mason jar

Still have those empty mousse jars at home? Put them to use by making candles at home with your kids. Because who doesn’t like colourful scented candles? It’s an absolutely safe procedure and a fun way to spend time with children!

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If you don’t have mason jars, that’s fine too, you can just replace them with mini shot glasses and use whichever scent you love the most and make your own candles are home!

4. Foam paint

Its one of the easiest things to make! All that’s required is some shaving cream, some glue and some food colouring. Get your kids to mix them in a zip lock bag. We bet you they’ll be super excited to do it and love the entire procedure!

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5. DIY Wreaths

Wreaths are a classic decor idea for your home entrance and can be put up during Christmas or spring season. But instead of buying them, just make those whimsical rings with your kids at home! There are a myriad ways to decorate them at home. You can check out DIY wreath ideas here or more videos on pinterest!

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6. Card Memory Game

Throughout the first few years of school, kids are taught various fun ways to memorise difficult words or abstract concepts. Memory games are fun ways to help stretch their minds. These games and activities require them to stop, focus, think, plan and remember, and these are all great skills that we all need to use every single day.

All you have to do is take a deck of cards and spread them out in straight rows and columns. Pick any two cards and if those cards are the same keep it with yourself and if not then keep them back in its original place. The game goes on till all the cards are owned by the players. whoever owns the maximum number of cards wins the game!

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Its easy to understand and a great way to pass time with the family!

7. Bubble Mickey+DIY Collage 

If your kids are getting bored with their usual method of painting, try to make it more interesting with a slight twist to it. Just mix some liquid soap, some water and paint together. Check out the step by step instructions here.

Picture Credit Disney Family 

After you’ve done this, you can take an old window pain from the garage or make one with cardboard, and hang it using strings and pegs. Its extremely easy and you can make keep your children engaged for hours!

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If you don’t want to add the art that you’ve made, you can always add your family photographs to it!


8. Baking Cookies

Have you ever noticed their faces the moment you say cookies? They get even more excited when you say you’re gonna bake it with them. It’s a fact! Try it out!

From the three ingredient ones to the snicker doodle chocolate chip ones there are a gazillion cookie recipes available all over the internet! My personal favourite is the Martha Stewart’s Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Do give it a try!

Picture Credit Martha Stewart

9. Home-made Chocolates

We’re not even going to emphasise on how much kids love chocolates! Its by far one of the easiest things to do at home with kids at home! All that has to be done is get some cooking chocolate and if you want to add a kick to it just mix some Nutella and milk and pour it in the middle! Again, you’ll find tonnes of videos and recipes on Instagram and Youtube!

Picture Credit Baking Mad

You can make them in almost any shape and size you want! Personally I love these cute mouse shape chocolates!

10. Home-made Cakes

Which kid has ever said no to a sweet, fluffy mixture of chocolate and diary? Definitely haven’t come across such a minion-of-the-antichrist! A little mixing of a few ingredients never hurt nobody! You can make different versions of it, whether it be with or without eggs and indulge in a midnight mug cake with a pint of ice cream or a dollop of ganache while watching Frozen or Iron Man with them!

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If you liked this article, do comment on which activity you liked the most, or which activity you’ve tried with your kids. Also check out our other articles – How To Keep Kids Busy  At Home and 10 Best Toys and Birthday Gifts for 5-7 Year-olds.


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