12 Best DIY Activity Kits for Kids

In the past few years, DIY (Do-it-yourself) Activity kits have become quite famous among parents and kids. With the increase in usage of electronic devices by kids, parents are trying to reduce their screen time and DIY activity kits are coming to the rescue! They are so much fun that even adults would want to […]

10 Best Kitchen Sets for Kids

Pretend play is one of the most important things for kids while growing up. It’s a way to improve their interpersonal skills, enhance their imagination and creativity and their emotional sense of self. Have you ever noticed your niece trying to copy the way you dress up? They want to wear boots if you are […]

16 Amazing Storage Box Ideas for Kids Toys

A few issues parents face: – where to keep these toys? How to keep the room cleaner and more organised? You enter the house and into the living room, you see their toys on the floor. You look at the corner of the room and all you see is a messy pile of games. You […]

Best Math Games for Kids

Have you noticed that educational games for kids are the rage right now? This idea of making learning fun came from the fact that kids find their homework extremely mundane and want to be done with it as soon as possible and are not interested enough or curious enough to learn more. To convert that […]

10 Best Educational Games For Kids

In this digital era where people are glued to their cell phones, laptops and iPads, it’s better to try and get kids hooked to activities and games that do not involve screen time, because accept it or not one day they’ll be spending a lot of their time in front of screens anyway. So the […]

10 Best Birthday Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

Stuck somewhere between childhood and teen-hood (if that’s a thing), a 12-year-old boy usually has strong likes and dislikes too, which makes buying a gift for them a bit difficult. To make things easier we made a list of gifts that would be perfect for them! 1. VR Box The virtual reality glasses, since its […]

10 Best Birthday Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls

Think it’s easy to get a 12-year-old girl a birthday present, is it? Well, it’s not. It can only be easy to get a girl a gift when she’s given you a list of things she wants. There are certain things you might want to keep in mind when buying her one. Is she too […]

Games To Engage 3-4-Year-Olds

After two years children reduce their napping hours a bit which means their playtime increases! So putting that never-ending energy to good use never did any harm. Adding educational toys, DIY activities, colouring, learning games and puzzles to their routine is a great way to keep them active and engaged. We want them to be […]

DIY Activities At Home

You’ve finally got that holiday from work and your kids are also idling their time at home, but you don’t want them to waste it watching television plus with the online classes that have started you want to keep them away from the screen and be a bit more creative or just have fun with […]

How To Keep Kids Busy At Home

So the kids have finally gotten a break from all those examinations AND they have to be home to be safe in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.  They’re currently busy idling their time away at home and we all know their love for television outweighs everything else! To reduce that telly time, keep them engaged […]

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