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10 Best Birthday Return Gifts Ideas for 5-year-olds

Birthday parties are always a treat for kids and their friends but there’s something they look forward to even more: return gifts! They’re like the icing on the cake. If you’re planning a birthday party, we’ve put together some return gift ideas that kids will love. They’re unique, fun and unforgettable! 1. Block Printing Kit...


10 Best STEM Toys and STEM Games of 2019

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. As grown-up as that sounds, toys built around these subjects can foster a love for them. They’re geared towards encouraging curiosity and learning – all in a fun way! Check out these 10 STEM toys and STEM games to get your kids. 1. Trinkets & More – Rainbow...


5 Best Toy Laptops for Kids

Toy Laptops for kids are a good alternative to your child’s digital time, especially when they look at you working on one and want to pretend play and mimic your behaviour. There are plenty of choices for toy laptops starting at as low as Rs. 249. A toy laptop is also a good birthday gift...


15 Best Bicycles for Kids of All Ages

Choosing bicycles for kids is extremely important since you want to make sure the child picks up a great habit, learn quickly and most importantly the bicycle is safe for your loved one. Before entering a bicycle store with your kid, you must do thorough research, so you pick the right bicycle for your child...

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