25 Top Birthday Gifts for Boys

If you’re looking for birthday gift ideas for your son or nephew’s upcoming birthday, check this list of 25 birthday gift ideas for boys now! Keep scrolling for more! 1. LEGO BUILDING BLOCKS They’re available on Amazon and Flipkart! Source 2. PLAYDOUGH SETS A play dough set needs no introduction! They play a huge role […]

40 Birthday Gifts for 9 to 12-Year-Old Boys

For all those parents who are in a dilemma as to what to buy for their boy, here’s a list of 40 birthday gifts for boys! So keep scrolling and check out this list below! 1. Monopoly Buy it here! Source 2. Nerf gun These nerf guns are a major hit among boys! Check them […]

8 Geography Games for Kids

Are your kids bored of the mundane homework and assignments given from school? Or you’re just trying to get them to learn more about the universe we live in? From the Solar System based activities to our beloved planet, Earth-based ones try these nine geography-based games for kids to make learning as fun as possible. […]

12 Best DIY Activity Kits for Kids

In the past few years, DIY (Do-it-yourself) Activity kits have become quite famous among parents and kids. With the increase in usage of electronic devices by kids, parents are trying to reduce their screen time and DIY activity kits are coming to the rescue! They are so much fun that even adults would want to […]

10 Best Brain Games for Kids

While the rise in technology has bought about some mind-boggling changes and it’s great to be alive in this era that we’re living in, it does come with some consequences. There are many, but we’re only going to talk about how it has made things difficult for parents and children. With the humongous number of […]

10 Best Kitchen Sets for Kids

Pretend play is one of the most important things for kids while growing up. It’s a way to improve their interpersonal skills, enhance their imagination and creativity and their emotional sense of self. Have you ever noticed your niece trying to copy the way you dress up? They want to wear boots if you are […]

8 Best Flashcards for Kids

Flashcards are cards with information written on them on both sides. For years flashcards have been used as an aid for memorisation by kids to learn word meanings, their synonyms and antonyms, math formulas and historic dates. Because these bright coloured cards are found appealing to kids, parents have started taking advantage of these cards […]

8 Best English Games for Kids

With English being the universal language, it becomes extremely important that children write and speak it impeccably. To do that, the groundwork must start as soon as possible. Conversing in English with and around them should become a habit. But learning 3 words a day, incorporating them in their essays and extempores does become a […]

Best Math Games for Kids

Have you noticed that educational games for kids are the rage right now? This idea of making learning fun came from the fact that kids find their homework extremely mundane and want to be done with it as soon as possible and are not interested enough or curious enough to learn more. To convert that […]

10 Best Educational Games For Kids

In this digital era where people are glued to their cell phones, laptops and iPads, it’s better to try and get kids hooked to activities and games that do not involve screen time, because accept it or not one day they’ll be spending a lot of their time in front of screens anyway. So the […]

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