28 Cookie Recipes

Whether it’s the holidays or not, cookies are something that everyone loves and can keep on stuffing all the time! So, we decided to create a list of cookies you could try at home today! Bake it immediately after the batter is ready or store it in the freezer and bake them in batches whenever […]

24 3-Ingredient Recipes

Maybe you’re put of ingredients or you do have ingredients but are too lazy to make a proper meal for yourself because it’s one of those days where you’re just done with adulting and wants to be a couch potato binge-watching all the episodes of Money Heist, try these super easy and quick 3-ingredient recipes […]

10 Healthy Smoothies for Kids

Smoothies are thick creamy beverages blended from frozen fruits, vegetables, yoghurt, nuts, seeds, dairy and non-dairy milk and ice. They are healthier than juices because they consist of skins and piths which gives an extra boost of vitamins, minerals not to forget calcium because of the yoghurt or diary that has been added to it, […]

Healthy Breakfast Recipe Ideas for Kids

There’s a reason why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s a source of energy and nutrients such as iron, potassium, calcium, carbs and more which kick-starts everyone’s day, it’s also almost 8 to 9 hours since one’s last meal (that’s why it’s called so, because one is breaking their fast) and […]

3 Healthy Easy Recipes For Rakshabandhan – Wholesome Twist To Traditional Sweets

We give credit to Slurrp Farm for these amazing rakhi special sweets recipes entirely. To check out more recipes by Slurrp Farm, click here!   Source Here is a trip down memory lane, ‘Give me the remote or I’ll tell Mom!’, ‘She is pulling my hair, Ma!’, ‘Mommy! He isn’t sharing goodies with me!’ Fighting over something trivial or non-trivial, sibling relationships are […]

Your Favourite Snack With A Twist – Millet Momos

Picture Credit Slurrp Farm By Ayesha Nallaseth For anyone who is on a pursuit to taste exotic and new flavours, should definitely give millet momos a try. Everyone loves momos, and you can find food stalls selling them in practically every corner of the city. But considering the present state of affairs, being quarantined at […]

Immunity-Boosting, Easy Snacks For Kids – Bliss Balls

Picture Credit Slurrp Farm We give credit to Slurrp Farm for this amazing immunity boosting Bliss Balls recipe entirely. To check out more recipes by Slurrp Farm, click here!   By Monalisa Mehrotra Do you ever catch your little one with the afternoon munchies or struggle with sugar cravings? Are you looking for easy snacks for kids?? Those small bites […]

12 Recipes to Try With Kids at Home

Have you ever noticed that when you’re baking a cake or frosting some cupcakes, your kids drop everything to help you? Leave alone helping you, they want to take charge and do everything! Involving your kids in cooking and baking is not only about having fun but also about connecting with them, understanding them, helping […]

Ultimate DIY Summer Recipe – Muskmelon Chia Popsicle

Picture Credit Slurrp Farm We give credit to Slurrp Farm for this amazing Muskmelon Chia Popsicle recipe entirely. To check out more recipes by Slurrp Farm, click here!   By Monalisa Mehrotra It is literally summertime madness now and this madness is here to stay for another 2-3 months. Summer makes you dehydrated, gives you heatstroke, and makes you sweat. […]

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