12 Easy Cake Decoration Ideas for Beginners

Maybe it’s your kid’s birthday or maybe your child was finally successful in achieving something they had been trying to achieve for months now and you wanted to celebrate or maybe you just felt like eating cake, because who needs an occasion to eat cake? And you want to try a hand at baking for […]

Traditional Tiramisu Recipe

Source What is the traditional Tiramisu? The traditional tiramisu is an authentic no-bake espresso dessert. It’s made with coffee dipped ladyfingers called Savoiardi in sweet mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder! They’re rich, airy, light and creamy dessert which anyone can make with only 6 ingredients. The Italian Tiramisu is a no-bake espresso-flavoured dessert. It’s made […]

Easy Nutella Stuffed Cookies Recipe

Source The Nutella stuffed cookies are the ultimate gourmet cookies made with brown sugar, dark chocolate and most importantly molten Nutella! Even though these are gourmet cookies, they’re actually very simple to make at home with ingredients available easily at any nearby grocery store. The key to these cookies is the brown sugar and the […]

Easy Eggless Marble Cake Recipe

Source This simple marble cake makes a great teatime treat! The recipe is super easy, so you can also bake this marble cake with your kids during your next holiday or during their vacations! Before the recipe, here are some FAQs that people keep asking them! Q. How do I make a cake moister? The […]

Easy Home-made Baked Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

Source This super easy and straightforward chocolate cheesecake recipe is rich, creamy, dense, filled with flavours and all things chocolate with a delicious chocolate cookie crust especially for the Oreo lovers out there! And the ingredients are simple and pretty easy to find! This chocolate cheesecake is for all the crazy chocolate lovers out there! […]

19 Easy Halloween Party Food Ideas for Kids

Due to the pandemic this year, chances are pretty high that many won’t go trick-or-treating at all. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be celebrated. Just like we all are getting used to the new normal, instead of trick-or-treating, an indoor Halloween party for the kids could be organised at home or in the backyard […]

Homemade Eggless Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe

Source You might be full from a delicious dinner but you’ll still never say no to a chocolate cake! You can be on a keto diet or just a person who doesn’t have a sweet tooth but once you see this chocolate cake with lava oozing out of it, you’ll give in and definitely take […]

15 Easy Party Snacks for Parties

If you’re out of ideas for the menu of your kid’s next birthday party, we’ve curated a list of snack items kids will definitely love! So keep scrolling and add anything you like from the list to your menu! 1. Chocolate covered strawberries Strawberries dipped in melted chocolate are one of the easiest snack items […]

Healthy Seed Recipes to Add to Kids Meals

Seeds are known to be a powerhouse of nutrients and when consumed daily in small quantity, it could be very beneficial for kids and adults. With ample amount of anti-oxidants, fibre, iron and vitamins, adding them to meals can give kids a boost owing to their busy day ahead with all the extra-curricular activities they […]

10 Quick and Easy Recipes

Whether it’s a party or you’re late for work or just not in the mood to make anything for yourself but need to get rid of those hunger pangs in the evenings or after workout sessions, try these easy and quick recipes at home today! 1. Strawberry Creme Parfait Parfaits are cold deserts which generally […]

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