13 DIY Craft Ideas with Kids

On afternoons when your kids are free from their homework and summer projects, use these unique ideas and spend some quality time with them by being creative. You can use some of these ideas to decorate their room, the front door, the walls or the mantelpiece. So take these ideas and get to work! 1. […]

When To Stop Taking Decisions For Children?

The most obvious answer parents give to the question asked “what do you want for your children?” is the same old answer we’ve been hearing for ages – they want them to be successful, diligent and (of course) happy. They want to see their children grow into the best version of themselves. Isn’t it? No, […]

How To Spend Time With 4-Year-Olds?

Kids, huh? They can be difficult at times. They are jumpie, energetic little humans who need all your time and attention in the world. As parents, it’s our duty to spend as much time as possible for their growth and development. And plus these are the golden years when you can actually spend time playing […]

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