6 Art and Craft Activities by CocoMoco Kids

According to experts, art and craft is one of the best ways to help children develop. No wonder such a huge chunk of a child’s schedule is dedicated to art and craft especially from the age of 3 to 8 years! Art and craft is a great way to bring out a child’s artistic capabilities […]

25 Craft Ideas for Kids

Are your kids spending way more time on iPads? Try these 25 craft ideas consisting of paper, ice cream sticks, paper rolls, colourful pasta, salt and so much more! These super simple craft ideas will definitely keep them engaged for quite some time, help bring out the creativity in them and give them a break […]

15 Best Indoor Games and Activities for 5 To 10-Year-Old Kids

As parents, it’s a struggle to keep kids away from using Netflix from dawn till dusk and playing PubG on your phone. With the holidays coming up, you’re wondering how to keep them away from the screen and engage in fun games and activities. Here are some indoor games and activities you can use to […]

19 Origami Art Ideas for Kids

At times when you notice your kids in front of the screen too much or see them stressing over their never-ending assignments with the exams knocking on the door, sit with them and tell them to take a break for five or ten minutes and make these simple origami shapes and animals with them. It […]

13 DIY Craft Ideas with Kids

On afternoons when your kids are free from their homework and summer projects, use these unique ideas and spend some quality time with them by being creative. You can use some of these ideas to decorate their room, the front door, the walls or the mantelpiece. So take these ideas and get to work! 1. […]

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