10 Virtual Birthday Party Game Ideas

With the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, we all have had to put a stop to social gatherings but thanks to Zoom and Hangouts, talking to our friends and families is just a click away! And when everything is happening online, why not host your kid’s birthday virtually? You definitely don’t want them to spend […]

10 Best Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

There’s no birthday without a cake obviously! While there are some people who don’t like cake, there are always so many options available today and the birthday has to be boring. You can go for a cheesecake or a cookie cake or even a profiterole cake for that matter! From tall birthday cakes and cartoon […]

13 Social Distancing Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

With the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown that has been imposed on all of us, it’s been difficult for everyone to get used to the new normal. From doing the daily chores all by ourselves to working from home to taking care of kids, we all are getting more restless and can’t wait for things […]

30 Most Popular Birthday Party Themes for Kids

Have you ever seen how excited kids are for their birthday? That’s one day they get all the attention, from their friends and family! Phone calls, gifts from everyone, the party and playing with their friends! It’s their day! And the moment the party is over, they’ve already started a countdown for their next one. […]

24 Birthday Themes and Cakes for 2 To 6-Year-Old Boys

From LEGO to Pokemon, check out these 24 birthday themes and cakes for your naughty little boy! 1. Cars Cars is one of the most loved movies by all the boys! They can watch it over and over again without getting bored! Set a red table cloth on the table and keep 4 wheels on […]

38 Best Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

Birthdays have always been extremely special days for all of us. Our parents pampered us when we were young and who doesn’t want to pamper their kids and make them feel special on their day? Calls from our near and dear ones, gifts from our parents is obvious! But the cake is the most important […]

14 Best Birthday Themes and Cakes for 2 To 6-Year-Old Girls

If you’re looking for birthday themes for your girl’s birthday, you are the right place! From Frozen to Flamingo, scroll down and choose what suits you best! 1. Fairy Dress them up as fairies with wings and celebrate their birthday outdoor! Decorate the lawn with pink balloons of different shades and with some pink sand […]

10 Best First Birthday Themes for Girls

People often wonder what’s so special about first birthdays since, in the words of Chandler Bing ‘jee if only she was one and knew what a birthday was’, babies are too small to understand the concept of birthdays, until the same people become parents themselves. It’s a celebration for the parents and their close ones […]

10 Best Birthday Themes For 1-Year-Old Boys

First birthdays are really special and exciting for the parents more than the baby. It’s about the two who’ve spent days and nights being happy yet paranoid about every crying session but have finally made it into their first year. It’s a celebration for them and their loved ones. But organizing the first birthday can […]

10 Best Birthday Return Gifts Ideas for 5-year-olds

Birthday parties are always a treat for kids and their friends but there’s something they look forward to even more: return gifts! They’re like the icing on the cake. If you’re planning a birthday party, we’ve put together some return gift ideas that kids will love. They’re unique, fun and unforgettable! 1. Block Printing Kit […]

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