38 Best Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

Birthdays have always been extremely special days for all of us. Our parents pampered us when we were young and who doesn’t want to pamper their kids and make them feel special on their day? Calls from our near and dear ones, gifts from our parents is obvious! But the cake is the most important of all! The cake ceremony is what marks the beginning of a new age, new hopes, new dreams and obviously opening gifts! šŸ˜›

And because the cake is the most important part of our birthday, we’ve curated a list of birthday cake themes that you can get customised for your kid or bake it yourself! They’re super super super easy to bake and decorate (especially the kit-kat ones), so do give it a try! They’re going to be so happy and proud that you baked the cake for them all by yourself!

These cake themes in the list can be used for your boy or your girl, whether they’re one or two or fifteen or even twenty! So scroll down and choose the best from the lot, whichever suits best for the occasion!

1. Harry Potter

For all the parents who watched Harry Potter and couldn’t have a Harry Potter theme cake on your birthday, this is a chance to make up for it on your kid’s birthday! You could go for a fondant cake with a chocolate sponge cake filled in dark chocolate ganache and butterscotch nuts! Cover it up with a Gryffindor scarf with those famous round spectacles and! Or you can keep the chocolate base as it is and cover it up with vanilla buttercream icing or whipped cream icing to make it look like Hedwig, as you wish!

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2. Minnie Mouse

I’ve seen a lot of Minnie mouse cake designs out there but these two below are my favourite! It’s crazy how simple and yet so classy these cakes are. You can bake and decorate these at home for them! Just bake two chocolate sponge cakes. Put one on top of another and decorate it with raspberry buttercream or whipped cream! You can add nuts, colourful confetti or fruits, whatever seems best and drizzle melted chocolate on the top with a Minnie mouse made out of sugar paste. You can also add strawberry flavoured macaroons and meringue stars on the top! These balloons are the star of the show so don’t forget to add them! If you don’t want those balloons, you can get rid of them. It’s still going to look fab!

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3. Cookie Monster

Who doesn’t love cookies? So why not a cookie monster theme cake for your little cookie monster? Get a 3-tier cookie monster fondant cake with cookies all around for their party or go for a 1-tier cake with royal blue buttercream icing! If you’re going for the latter, choose a grass nozzle to get that furry look! Or you can go with the one with the picture given below!

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4. Donuts

Bake a chocolate cake in a doughnut cake mould. Flip the cake and after it cools down drizzle pink chocolate sauce all over the cake and sprinkle some colourful confetti! Or you could opt for a tall cake and decorate mini doughnuts all around! It’s totally up to you.

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5. Frozen

Ask your angel what they want to be when they grow up and we bet you’ll hear them they ELSA at least once! So why not an Elsa or a frozen themed cake for them? Customise a vanilla and a blueberry flavoured cake for the base filled with cream cheese frosting and for the decoration, cover it up with rosettes and fondant snowflakes! These pictures given below are also beautiful, so you can use these ideas as well!

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6. Peppa Pig

What are the two things kids love the most? Chocolates and Peppa Pig! So club the two and get a cake customised for them this birthday! Opt for a kit-kat themed birthday filled with dark chocolate ganache and little pigs lying around in the chocolatey mud! Or you could go for a pig-shaped cake filled with strawberry or raspberry flavoured buttercream frosting!

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7. Bunny

A bunny-themed birthday cake is perfect for your little bunny! They’re apt for their first birthday!

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8. Tutti Frutti

If you’re planning on a tutti frutti theme for their birthday, a tutti frutti cake is a must! Go for a 2 tier fondant cake with watermelons and oranges. But if you’re not a huge fondant fan or are on a budget, you could get a pineapple cake with bits of pineapples and whipped cream filling inside. You can cover the outer later with yellow chocolate shards and green leaves to give it the shape and look of a pineapple!

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9. Rainbows and Sunshine

If you’re going for a colourful rainbow-themed party or a VIBGYOR-themed party, you have to get a rainbow cake! Bake sponge cakes in all the colour you see in a rainbow and fill it with cream cheese frosting! Decorate it with colourful stars in the shape of a rainbow on the outside! Don’t forget to add a rainbow shaped cookie with royal icing in the colours found in a rainbow!

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10. Madness in Madagascar

The best Madagascar themed cake to go with would definitely be a fondant covered one. You can go for a 1-tier cake with lions, zebras, giraffes and elephants made out of sugar paste or a 2-tier cake with one tier covered in zebra stripes and another in giraffe spots and palm trees on the top with animals lying around it.

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11. Mythical Unicorn

We couldn’t miss this theme for obviously! Kids LOVE these magical, mythical creatures, so surprise them with one on their birthday!

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12. Kit-Kat

You can get really creative with this one too! You could divide the cake into 5 parts and fill each side with a different topping, whether it be chocolate rice confetti, strawberry compote, m&ms or gems, nutty ferreros, kinderinos, or crushed oreos! Or you could even mix up the base! Bake a chocolate and a vanilla cake, cut them into equal parts, place them alternatively beside each other and decorate them whichever way you like! A 3-tier kit-kat cake would light up their day!

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13. Mickey Mouse

From kit-kat to fondant buttercream and whipped cream, there are myriad decoration ideas for a Mickey Mouse themed cake for your kid. If you want to make it healthy, go for a pumpkin sponge cake or a carrot sponge cake instead of chocolate! It tastes equally tasty and is extremely healthy for everyone! All you have to do is incorporate pumpkin or carrot puree in the batter. And you can do this with any cake you’re baking or ordering. Do give it a try.

mickey cake | smash cake | mickey mouse cake

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14. Hello Kitty

As a kid, all I wanted was a Hello Kitty cake for my birthday and things still haven’t changed! Hell, I would still love it if someone got me a Hello Kitty themed cake for my birthday (I’m 22, BTW :P). It’s is one thing that has stood against the test of time and is loved by every girl out there! So get one for your girl too!

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15. Woodland Creatures

Another cute animal-themed cake idea is the woodland creatures themed cake! I came across lots of 2 and 3 tier fondant cakes, but you can also go for a one-tier one with a carrot sponge cake filled with whipped cream and orange rosettes and stars in the shape of a fox or an oval-shaped cake covered with ganache and put chocolate shards to make it look like a porcupine!

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16. Icecream

Use any one of these recipes to make your ice cream at home and bake a simple sponge cake of your choice! Cut the cake in as many layers as you want and instead of adding buttercream on your cake, fill the cake with your homemade ice cream to it and add fresh fruits and nuts to it!

Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake Recipe | Williams Sonoma Taste

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17. Captain America

If your boy is a huge Captain America fan specifically, this is the one. Cover the round sheet cake with white buttercream or whipped cream and add red, blue and white m&m’s in the shape of Captain America’s shield or you can always go for a fondant cake! TIP: Before setting the fondant on the cake, place red, white and blue circles (which you rolled before) and the star on top of one another according to the design and finally roll it so that it looks like the shield and then set it on the cake!

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18. Johnny the Snowman

Remember the show Oswald and Johnny the snowman in it? Surprise them with Johnny the snowman cake or make an Olaf cake for them, they’re going to be delighted to see it!

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19. Mischievous Minions

You can get a Minion figurine cake for them or a simple round cake covered in yellow buttercream with Minions lying on the top!

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20. Lazy Panda

If you’re opting for a panda-shaped cake, just bake a round cake and use the leftover batter to bake 2 cupcakes for the ears. Click here for the recipe and how to decorate the cake! Decorate it with white and black whipped cream using a star nozzle.

Or decorate the cake with fondant and chocolate twisters as logs and make a panda out of white and black sugar paste.

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21. Avengers

If your boy is a fan of this famous superhero movie franchise, then you have to get an Avengers-themed birthday cake for them!

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22. Grizzly Bears

A cute bear cake is another great idea for their first birthday! The decoration for this one is quite similar to the panda cake decoration mentioned above. Instead of icing it black and white go for a whipped ganache frosting or chocolate buttercream icing on the cake!

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23. Penguins in Antarctic

If their birthday falls during winters you can consider this theme! A vanilla cake filled with blueberry compote and cream cheese for the inside and an igloo with penguins hanging around the igloo!

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24. Jungle Book

Going for a jungle-themed birthday for your little boy? This book shaped cake with Mowgli is an amazing idea!

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25. Nautical

If you’re fed up of fondant, go for a blueberry flavoured buttercream frosting to cover the entire cake. Divide the cake and sprinkle cookie crumbs all over on one side and add white chocolate seashells to give a beachy vibe.

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26. AnimeĀ 

Bake a giant cupcake-shaped shape for this one, cover it with ganache and stick those white mini marshmallows to give a woolly look and make a Shawn the Sheep cake! You can also go for a Doremon or a Shinchan cake!

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27. The Lion King

Bored of cakes? Go for a cupcake cake instead! Stack a bunch of cupcakes together and check out how to decorate it in this video!

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28. NumbersĀ  or Alphabets

These cakes became the rage just a few years and a major hit among everyone, whether they’re kids or adults! Bake 2 giant number cookies or sponge cakes and cut them into the desired numbers or alphabets! Fill whipped cream in the piping bag and use a circle nozzle to pipe it out! Decorate it with fresh fruits, macaroons, flowers and chocolates! A great cake idea for an Alphabet themed birthday party!

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29. Ice Age

We all loved Sid the sloth and that damn squirrel chasing after his nut all the time! For all the kids who loved the movie, an Ice Age themed cake is a must!

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30. Lego

If your child is a huge fan of Lego then get a customised colourful building blocks cake or make a simple sheet cake and cover it with red, blue, yellow chocolate and add m&m’s to make it look like blocks.

LEGO | 27 Delectable Geeky Cakes Almost Too Pretty To Eat[Homemade] LEGO Cake

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31. Tall cakes

These cakes came up only a few years ago and they’ve been the rage ever since! Gazillion videos of these tall cakes might make you want to get one for your kid as well. The best part about these cakes is that you can use any colour combination, any topping, any base or filling and it will look beautiful and taste amazing!

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32. Travel Around the World

For those who love to travel and travel frequently with their kids, this is the one! Design the cake to make it look like a map with latitudes and longitudes and top it off with a chocolate compass! Or for a simpler one like the one given below!

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33. Barbie Dolls

Yet another theme that is perfect for their first birthday! Try out different colour combos instead of sticking to just one colour.

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A few other themes you could opt for:

34. Angry Birds

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35. Farm Animals

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36.Ā  Toy Story

Picture Courtesy Pinterest

37. Bookworm

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38. Death by Chocolate

Lastly, if you don’t want to go for a theme, a chocolate cake is the go-to option for them. You definitely have to go for a dark chocolate ganache frosting for this one instead of a chocolate buttercream frosting. Decorate the top with simple chocolate swirls or stars and add ferreros, kit-kats, nutella, nutties on the top. To make it look better dust some edible gold powder on top of the cake in the end! Pure bliss!

Putting the finishing touches to the cake - part of My Evil Twin's Kitchen's Wicked Windmill Chocolate Cake step-by-step instructions

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Let us know which theme you liked the most and which one you would bake for your kids in the comment box below!

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