10 Best Birthday Themes For 1-Year-Old Boys

First birthdays are really special and exciting for the parents more than the baby. It’s about the two who’ve spent days and nights being happy yet paranoid about every crying session but have finally made it into their first year. It’s a celebration for them and their loved ones. But organizing the first birthday can get really hectic if you’re planning to make it big. From the food and games to the theme of the birthday and guests. Lots to do!

We’ve curated a list of some popular birthday themes which might help you decide on one!

1. Marvel

It’s the perfect theme for all those parents who are major Marvel fans. There are so many superheroes in the Marvel Universe to choose from whether it be Iron Man or Captain America. Or you can make things colourful by incorporating all the superheroes!

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2. Mickey Mouse

A clichéd but never too old idea for first birthdays is a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party. From mickey cupcakes ad décor to mickey themed return gifts, there’s room for so much creativity! You can choose to add Mini Mouse and other classic characters as well!

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3. Harry Potter

(A personal fav) Harry Potter is the perfect theme for diehard HP fans! You can dress your child up in a Hogwarts uniform costume, decorate white balloons as Hedwig, bake deathly hallow themed cookies at home or get them customized and a 3-tier Hogwarts themed cake!

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4. Jungle Animals

One of the most common birthday theme, the jungle-themed birthday party is a great idea if you love greens and nature! It’s also one the most budget-friendly theme too! Cut out leaves and make chimes, make summery drinks and serve them with green chocolate drizzles on twisters!

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5. Minions

Who knew yellow and blue could be gelled so well? Get some mini minion cookies, cake pops, cupcakes and finally with a piñata to top it all off! The only problem would be no one would want to burst that piñata, it would be that cute!

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6. Superman

Probably an oldie but still a goldie! Superman themed cakes were never out. It’s a go-to if you want to add some colour to your angel’s first birthday!

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7. Nautical

Ocean life and sea creatures are fascinating and make an amazing birthday party theme. Don’t miss out on the jellyfish lanterns, DIY sea-themed lamps, DIY sea-themed soap activities and marshmallow pops! Exciting for all kids of different ages to come to attend the party as well!


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8. Summery Yellow

If your kid’s birthday falls during the summer season, you could opt for an outdoor party. Get some lemon tarts and mango and strawberry popsicles as treats and don’t forget the BOUNCE HOUSE and the ball pool! For games, the kids could make necklaces out of colourful pasta too and add a beachy Hawaiian vibe to the party!

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9. Cookie Monster

A Cookie Monster themed birthday is another great idea for your 1-year-old! Lots of DIY stuff that can be done. For games, you could put blindfolds on children and tell them to try and stick the eye on the cookie monster poster in the right place or get the other kids to make DIY monster-themed slime! And for desserts some chocolate cupcakes with blue icing and a cookie to top it off, some churros dipped in blue chocolate and confetti and ta-da! It’s done!

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10. Puppy Theme

If you LOVE dogs then you should definitely go for this theme! It’s the cutest theme for your one-year-old. Serve bone-wich cookies with icecream centres as desserts! Add a box full of soft toy puppies and let everyone adopt one!

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Let us know what your favourite theme is and if you want us to add more themes to the list, do comment in the box below! Check out 10 Best Birthday Gifts For Girls and How to Spend Time With 4-Year-Olds!





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