Best Math Games for Kids

Have you noticed that educational games for kids are the rage right now? This idea of making learning fun came from the fact that kids find their homework extremely mundane and want to be done with it as soon as possible and are not interested enough or curious enough to learn more. To convert that mundane homework into something fun, play some of these games with them to make it fun and interesting by using real-life examples for better understanding and make rudimentary concepts crystal clear. Start early or whenever you see fit and improve their hand-eye coordination, interpersonal skills and better problem-solving skills.

So play these games during holidays, family nights or on a summer afternoon with them and try to spark a love for learning! Remember a strong Math foundation laid at an early stage will be useful for the rest of their lives!

1. Math Buzz

Age: – 5-8 years

Use these colourful bees when they’re bored of doing their mundane homework to make things more interesting as this game brings the joy of a toy! Teach or practise subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, greater than/ smaller than and other mathematical problems with this maths game. Ideal for group activities at home or school. This game helps children improve their problem-solving skills while enhancing their interpersonal skills through social play.

Picture Courtesy CocoMoco Kids

2. Little Genius Wooden Learning Clock

Age: – 3-5 years

Sometimes it is difficult for kids to figure out the time. Use this wooden clock to teach them the concept of time and also introduce them to fractions. You’ll see an improvement in their hand-eye coordination.

Picture Courtesy First Cry

3. Playing Cards

Age: – 3-103 years

Put that deck of cards to better use and teach your kids counting and more! These cards can be used to play Bingo or ask them to pick cards that add up to a certain number. It can also be used to teach place values. This improves their mental math and keep their mind alert at all times!

Tip: – For kids who are a bit older, these cards can be used to teach probability as well!

Picture Courtesy Pinterest

4. Route 99

Age: – 6-12 years

A fun card game based on car racing in which players are supposed to throw distance cards to add kilometres to their journey. The game takes a thematic UNO like approach to enhance the mental math skills of children. It’s a great and an indirect way to improve your child’s rudimentary mathematics. Kids won’t even realise there was any math involved! This game is great for children of all ages.

Picture Courtesy CocoMoco Kids

5. PET ME for Multiplication and Division Math Board Game

Age: – 8 to 103 years

One of the most interest game, this PET ME game will boost your child’s division skills for sure! Go on this pet park adventure with them and explore the fun side of maths! The more they play, the better and faster they get at solving division problems. A must try board game!

Picture Courtesy Amazon

6. Lego Fractions

Age: – 3-12 years

One might think how a Lego game can be used for maths. Building blocks are a way of hands-on learning for maths. Use those tiny blocks to introduce the concept of fractions and ratios to them. The kids get to enjoy through play and you get to teach them something new. It’s a win-win situation!

Picture Credit Pinterest

7. Three Sticks

Age: – 10-103 years

Use these sticks to improve there their geometry and creativity at the same time. Players are supposed to use only three types of sticks to create geometric shapes. Add two sticks in each and earn points. After each shape made, ask them to identify those shapes and if they don’t know, they learn something new! This is a promising entertainer for both kids and adults. These different coloured sticks can be used to teach them how to add, subtract, multiply and divide as well!

Picture Courtesy Bored Game Company

8. Maths Spy by Chalk and Chuckles

Age: – 7+ years

A DIY question-answer game! With number fingerprints and a die with operators instead of numbers for as many as 4 equations, solve the mission! Can be played with family and friends. Strategise and solve the problems in front of you. Whoever solves the equation first, wins! Every time you play it, the equation is different. A fun way to amplify mental math ability.

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Let us know which game would you buy and like the most! Also, do read 10 Best First Birthday Themes for Girls and Games to Engage 3-4-Year-Olds by us!




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