14 Best Birthday Themes and Cakes for 2 To 6-Year-Old Girls

If you’re looking for birthday themes for your girl’s birthday, you are the right place! From Frozen to Flamingo, scroll down and choose what suits you best!

1. Fairy

Dress them up as fairies with wings and celebrate their birthday outdoor! Decorate the lawn with pink balloons of different shades and with some pink sand in mini apothecary bottles, bake some ganache filled chocolatey cupcakes and decorate them with pink and white fondant to make it look like mushrooms. Serve the kids strawberry milkshakes and some cookies with fondant topped with fresh fruits and last but not the least don’t forget the fairy lights! For games put blindfolds on their eyes and tell them to stick the wings of the fairy in the right place for exciting gifts!


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2. Flamingo

Try out the Flamingo theme as they are quite uncommon and something different. Get all the kids to dress up in pink and white. Decorate the entire place with golden and pink balloons, some pink streamers and hang flamingo pom-poms everywhere. Serve vanilla milkshakes with strawberry ice cream and twisters, vanilla cupcakes with strawberry filling and decorate them with pink buttercream frosting and French macaroons! For return gifts, you can give all the kids a flamingo theme mug filled with candies or stationary as you wish!

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3. Hello Kitty

One of the oldest themes for girls and never not an option! They’re one of the cutest themes you can go for. Decorate all the walls with hand-made golden and pink streamers and Hello Kitty balloons everywhere! Cut out Hello Kitty shaped cookies, decorate them with royal icing and serve them with lemonade and cupcakes! Do incorporate DIY Slime stalls and gift all the kids Hello Kitty themed bottles or cushions as return gifts!

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4. Tutti Frutti

You can’t miss out this colourful and refreshing theme! Mix different coloured balloons and make a giant number in accord with their age! Fruit skewers and a giant bowl of chocolate ganache. Dip the fruits in the chocolate and indulge! Some homemade fruit flavoured ice cream or diced fruits with vanilla would make the perfect dessert for the kids! For games organise darts and balloons, a mini trampoline and a water balloon fight.

Now, when deciding on the cake, you can always go with a fondant one but let’s face it whipped cream and fresh fruits with a vanilla base is a way better option!

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5. Peppa Pig

Not considering Peppa Pig theme for their birthday would be a crime! This is the most beloved character for Gen Z! Peppa Pig birthday banners (there are so many printables out there), DIY Peppa Pig lanterns and Peppa Pig party hats are a must! You can also create your own Peppa Pig gift bag and add a Peppa Pig piggy bank and give them as return gifts!

Make your kid’s Peppa Pig theme cake yourself with Kit Kats and fondant pigs lying around in a chocolatey mud pool! It’s simple and the rage right now!

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6. Ice Cream

A theme to consider if their birthday falls during summer! Create giant ice creams with balloons and place it all around! Be creative and experiment more by putting up different styles of ice cream stalls! Fruit popsicles, vanilla ice cream on cones with cookie crumbs and chocolate drizzles, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream with brownies and nuts and and and DON’T FORGET SNOW CONES!

Put up an ice cream themed photo booth where all the kids get a lot of pictures clicked! Just a friendly reminder to add a giant ball pool as they’ve been a major hit among kids for years!

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7. Mermaids Underwater

fairy lights, blue and white balloons, bubble hangers, jellyfish lanterns with blue and purple streamers make a classy décor idea for an underwater mermaid birthday party! Serve crab cupcakes, grape flavoured jelly, octopus cookies with blue royal icing and blue lagoon to the kids. Don’t forget the Nemo piñata! If Nemo doesn’t fit in, in terms of colour, you can always go with a Dory piñata too! Put up a DIY slime stall for the kids so that they can make their glitter slime!

Get a customised cake with cookie crumbs on one side and blue fondant covered with glaze on the other side with white chocolate starfishes, crabs and shells to give a beachy look or bake your chocolate sponge cake and fill the centres with dark chocolate ganache and cover the other layer with buttercream or whipped cream rosettes! Add mermaid shaped cookies at the top with royal icing and pecks of colourful meringue stars! You can get them customised too if you want!

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8. Madagascar

One of the most common birthday theme, the Madagascar themed birthday party is a great idea if you love greens and nature! It’s also one the most budget-friendly theme too! Cut out leaves and make chimes, make summery drinks and serve them with grape-pillars (grape caterpillars :P) and tiger paws!

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9. Panda

We all know pandas are one the laziest animals on the planet! So why not a Panda themed birthday for your lazy bums?

Decorate the entire area with panda balloons which you can make yourself with the help of sketch pens and sharpies and simple, classy black and white hangers which can also be done at home! Panda banners, panda party hats, some muffins, cookies shaped like pandas, decorated with fondant and Oreos dipped in chocolate! That’s it! That’s all that’s required!  Lastly don’t forget the Panda piñata filled with cute panda figurines!

You can always go for a 3-tier chocolate cake surrounded by chocolate twisters or keep it simple and get a 1-tier one! There are loads of ideas available on Pinterest!


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10. Cookie Monster

A Cookie Monster themed birthday is another great idea for your 1-year-old! Lots of DIY stuff that can be done. For games, you could put blindfolds on children and tell them to try and stick the eye on the cookie monster poster in the right place or get the other kids to make DIY monster-themed slime! And for desserts some chocolate cupcakes with blue icing and a cookie to top it off, some churros dipped in blue chocolate and confetti and ta-da! It’s done!


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11. Frozen

One of the most exciting birthday themes for parents has to be the Frozen themed party! There’s so much that can be done, from a 3-tier Elsa cake to Olaf bowling game! Don’t worry, it’s easy to organise these at home if you’re on a budget. Decorate the entire place with snowflake wall hangings, icy blue and white balloons, yellow or white fairy lights and polaroid pictures for your angel all around! Serve milkshakes and top it off with marshmallows, snowflake or Olaf shaped cookies with white and icy blue royal icing or popsicles! Get some Frozen-quotes printed and ask the kids to paint them the way they want or an Olaf-blowing game for them!


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12. Unicorn

Decorate the entire place with lilac, baby pink balloons, unicorn figurine balloons and delicate lanterns. Since the theme is so magical, a magic show can be organised for all the kids, a small stall where they can make DIY unicorn-themed slime can also be organised which can be taken along with them back home! Lastly, a dessert table can be incorporated with unicorn-themed cake pops, sugar cookies, white chocolate dipped marshmallows and rainbow candies, all of which can be done at home if you wish so! If you’ve stuck to a strict unicorn theme birthday then don’t limit yourself when it comes to returning gifts! You can give away unicorn-themed puzzles as return gifts to all the kids or unicorn-themed slippers! There are so many options available on the internet to choose from!

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13. Woodland Creatures

Celebrate your child’s birthday with some friendly forest creatures. There’s a lot of DIY activities involved. From invitations and banners to mushroom themed cupcakes and chocolate yule logs! It’s sure to be a major hit among the guests!


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14. Mickey and Minnie

A clichéd but never too old idea for birthdays is a Minnie and Mickey Mouse themed birthday party. The boys can be dressed in red and the girls can be dressed in pink! From Minnie and Mickey cupcakes and doughnuts to Mickey-themed return gifts, there’s room for so much creativity! Use red cups to serve lemonade, a Minnie and Mickey photo booth and a Minnie piñata! You can choose to add other classic characters and improvise as well!

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Let us know what’s your favourite theme or something you’d like to try for your kid’s birthday. Also, do check out 10 Best Birthday Themes for 1-Year-Old Boys and 10 Best Birthday Gifts for 12-Year-Old Girls by us!



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