Benefits of Growing Up Around Pets


At one point in life, every child begs their parents to adopt a dog and parents can’t help but wonder how are they going to take care of it, if they want to take on more responsibility or can they handle the finances. But here’s the thing, adopting a pet in the house has so many benefits such as kids become more empathetic, there’s an improvement in their social skills, they have a more caring attitude, it’s the first step to taking someone else’s responsibility and so much more! Not to forget that you don’t want them to miss out this amazing childhood experience. So read all the 8 benefits of growing up with a pet. No matter what may be going on in a child’s life, a pet can be there through highs and lows as a constant friend.

1. Pets give unconditional love

For all the children who have no siblings, or they do have siblings but don’t get along at all or have no friends, a pet will be their best friend! They are non-judgmental, always there to listen and an absolute stress reliever. A pet can comfort a child, give them support, and listen to a child’s troubles without judgment or consequence. And, when playing, a pet can become a child’s best bud. Kids get to grow up alongside a loving companion. They’re the ideal confidant which means there is no better friend for a child than his pet especially if it’s a dog.

2. Empathy

Caring for a pet that is so dependent on children teaches them empathy. Children start understanding a pet’s needs such as when will they eat or how often do they eat. Moreover, empathy is one of the most important skill a child needs to learn and it’s often not seen in bullies. Parents can help them understand their pet’s feelings and behaviours. Having this quality could really affect their future relationships.

3. Confidence and responsibility

Feeding the kid at proper intervals, taking them for walks, training them can help in making a child more responsible. Obviously, parents also need to be around children to guide them and help them with the entire procedure. Children can gain a lot of confidence by having the responsibility of caring for a pet. Children as young as three years old can manage simple tasks such as filling the pet’s water and food bowls. With age, children can take them for walks too! If children start procrastinating and putting their responsibilities off, remind them how important it is to take of their pets by telling them those who take good care of pets become great friends and good beings.

4. Social skills

Kids and even adults have the tendency to talk to pets, whether they’re dogs or turtles. It’s the first step for children to confiding in someone, being comfortable with someone and goes a long way. It’s easy for children to befriend other children and make friends. In this way, pets give not only social and emotional support but also cognitive language skill support to children. A pet’s simple presence provides a verbal stimulus to help your child practice talking and socializing with other people.

5. Increased Physical Activity

Whether taking a walk or playing fetch, pets provide so many opportunities for children to engage in outdoor activities which they would otherwise use to play games on the iPad. It’s a win-win; your dog gets his exercise and so do you. Kids with dogs get more exercise. All of these lead to healthier kids who are used to a more active lifestyle.

6. Therapy

There are so many children who suffer anxiety and children with autistic disabilities or children who have suffered domestic and physical violence. They are unable to trust other people and having a pet can truly make a difference. It helps them gain trust and they start expressing themselves slowly.

7. Pets and family harmony

Families that own a pet are better communicators and spend more time than families who don’t own a pet. Pets provide a focus for fun activities and friendly conversation. The relaxation and relief from stress provided by pets also have measurable health benefits for parents.

8. Family pets lead to sibling bonding

Having a dog around the house is a lot like having another child. This can help brothers and sisters grow closer through their common love of their pet and reduce other factors like jealousy and rivalry. From taking the pet for walks or feeding pets or even cleaning them together can bring siblings so close.

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