A Machine I Would Like To Invent

A contest was held where children wrote about A Machine They Would Like To Invent from 4th April to 15th April and these are the winners!

  1. If I were making a machine, I will design a bunny. When you pat the bunny you will get chocolate eggs that have a surprises. You put your chocolate in the basket. You can share the eggs with poor people, your teacher or your friends on halloween. Since coronavirus you could play easter at home. The bunny will put and hide the eggs. The chocolate will be wrapped in colorful wrappers, the bunny will sing songs. The bunny will have wrappers, the battery and coco powder. The bunny will hop. – Anaya Prabhakar (7 years old)

  2. I would like to invent a machine which cure CORONAVIRUS. Because of this virus many people of the world has died, around 80000 had died till now. It would help to reduce lots of sufferings of people around the world. My machine would help them to cure and lead a better life. Also, the lockdown that has been imposed in maximum countries of the world will get over. Once again our lives will be normal like ever before. – by Miss Iryna Kohli (8 years old)

    3. If I had the choice to invent a machine, I would create one that can cure any disease specially corona. Many people in the world are sick and dying without treatment. Government, healthcare workers, police and all front line warriors are trying their best but because of no vaccine and medicine all are helpless. By inventing a machine to cure Corona and all other disease, I  want to make everyone from my country and all other countries healthy.  – by Siddhiksha Joshi (7 years old)



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