8 Best Flashcards for Kids

Flashcards are cards with information written on them on both sides. For years flashcards have been used as an aid for memorisation by kids to learn word meanings, their synonyms and antonyms, math formulas and historic dates. Because these bright coloured cards are found appealing to kids, parents have started taking advantage of these cards to make learning more fun, interesting and engaging. And today, mothers and caregivers have been using these flashcards more than ever to teach children and take opportunities such as these to have meaningful interactive sessions with them.

So, scroll down and check out the list of best flashcard games for kids we’ve curated for you!

1. CountryTrump Cards

This flashcard game for kids had to top our list. A fun way to teach kids about countries, their capital, the famous country monuments, flags and more. Play this game with your kids while you’re on the road or a vacation and still not want to hamper their learning. With this set of CountryTrump cards, one would be working on a child’s hard skills and their soft skills, such as interpersonal skills and cognitive skills, simultaneously.

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2. Solar System Snap Cards

Science flashcards are barely something one comes by, and what does one do when one come across something unique, different and useful? You keep them! With constellations, planets and all things related to space, use this science flashcard game to teach your kids all about space or play with this set as a memory game by placing all the cards upside down and finding pairs. So make their playtime more meaningful and productive with the Solar System SNAP Cards by buying them today!

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3. Tango Learning Proverbs

Came across this flashcard games for kids some time back, it’s difficult to let it go. Teaching proverbs has never been this much fun! The flashcards are split into two colours- red and blue. The red cards have the first half on an English proverb while the blue ones consist of the other half of the proverb.

English has always been a mundane subject for kids, so try to make it more fun with these learning flashcards.

While you’re getting the kids to learn these proverbs, tell them to make sentences incorporating these proverbs on the spot.

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4. Nursery Learning Flash Cards With Wooden Frame

Put this wooden frame up on the walls of their room, nursery or playroom and hang all the flashcards in the frame. These bright and colourful cards are sure to draw their attention and make them curious.

Once these alphabet cards are up on the frame, point at a random alphabet card and ask them about the animals, fruits, places and more related to the pointed alphabet. You can also ask them to make sentences with the pictures of fruits or animals on those cards or make a past reference to when they ate that fruit to correlate their learning with day to day activities.

TIP: Add a different set of cards when you’re done with this set like farm animal flashcards or number flashcards. You can also hang up family pictures on this wooden frame!

To buy this, click here!

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5. Baby’s First Flash Cards

This box of Baby’s First Flash Cards consists of 35 doubled-sided colourful flashcards. It’s a set of alphabets, fruits, veggies, shapes, animals and the sounds they make.

Teach your kids about different animals, their colour, and the sounds they make and the spellings of the sounds those animals make. Mix and match these cards and get them to make and narrate their own small story. It’s a great way to improve their oratory skills. You can also tell them interesting facts about these animals- for example- pigs are one of the most intelligent animals and more.

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6. Lilliput Flash Cards

Once they’ve started reading and learning how to pronounce words, we bet they must be struggling with the e’s, c’s, ch’s and gh’s and have tons of questions about silent letters.

This set of flashcards are perfect to explain them those concepts, clearing all their doubts and helping them improve their pronunciation. We couldn’t leave this one out of our list!

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7. Dominoes – Shapes And Colours Card Game (Multi-Color, 28 Pieces)

This set of 40 flashcards is all about teaching your children regarding different colours and objects that identify with colours at the same time, improving their observation skills, and hand-eye coordination and how to distinguish between shapes and colours. This one is idle for kids who are about to start learning about colours and shapes.

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8. My First Flash Cards Fruits

Introduce your kids to different types of fruits with this set of 30 flashcards. This flashcard game consists of vibrant images and labels which is sure to appeal to children. Sit with them and get them to cognize about the different fruits and get them to recall these fruits once they’re done learning them!

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Let us know which flashcard game for kids you liked the best or would like to buy in the future in the comment box below.

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