8 Best Books for 8-Year-Old Kids

As parents, we want to make sure that what the kids are reading is age-appropriate and at the same time make sure they’re going at the right pace, neither should it be too difficult for them nor should it be too easy. We also need to keep this in mind that they’re learning lessons and morals from them, not forgetting that they need to improve their reading and oratory skills. But how to be sure that what they’re reading is correct? Because what they read can influence them and their way of thinking drastically. Before we get into the classics and more, here are a few things we, as caregivers, need to list down and help them develop.

  1. Understanding paragraphs
  2. Reading on their own
  3. Learning morals and lessons

So now that we’ve spoken about the important factors to keep in mind while they’re reading, let’s hop into the list of some classic books for kids and more that would keep kids engaged for long!

1. Class Act by Anna Sewell

The story revolves around an eighth-grader student whose grandmother kept reminding him that some have to work twice as hard just to be as good. But he wonders what if he works ten times harder and still not be granted the same opportunities his classmates receive and take for granted. Things get worse when his best friend is one of the privileged ones. It’s difficult for him to accept the situation he is in and pretend that everything is fine. With time, pressure mounts and things become rocky between his friends leading to the group breaking. The question to ask is will his friends accept each other? More importantly, will he accept himself? Get your kids to read this book to know what happens in the end!

An important lesson that parents can teach kids is to accept themselves for who they are while at the same time never giving up and working hard to achieve desired goals.

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Class Act book for 8 year old kids


2. Black Beauty by Meg Rosoff

A story about a handsome black colt who in his initial years is free to gallop in the fresh meadows with his mother and master. Things take a drastic turn when his master is forced to sell him and his life goes from one full of comfort to one of hard labour and cruelty. But his undying spirit and will is what’s keeping him going.

This book should be an inspiration to all the kids and learn a lesson from Black Beauty that when life gets tough, mettle and positive attitude is the only thing that keeps one going!

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Black beauty story book for 8 year old kids


3. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Introduce your kids to the sharp, well-honed observatory skills detective Sherlock Holmes who solves cases only with his mind palace and Dr Watson who is absolutely impressed with his deducing skills. Indulge in a series of scintillating tales of pure factual genius.

A simplified version of the stories once introduced to the kids, they’ll get so hooked to it that they’ll want to read all the cases Sherlock takes! This is one book that has got to be the most interesting of them all and cannot be missed out on any cost!

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Adventure of sherlock holmes for 8 year old kids


4. The Jungle Book

This book for kids is un-missable for sure! This classic by Rudyard Kipling will take the kids from one escapade to another in the world of fantasy!

The story revolves around a boy named Mowgli who is discovered by a family of wolves in their cave. He’s adopted and raised by the father wolf and lives by the rules of the jungles which he’s learnt while growing up with them! When he befriends Bagheera the panther and Baloo the bear, they go on adventures and face dangers when they finally come across Shere Khan!

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The jungle book for 8 year old kids


5. Treasure Island

This book will hold every reader’s breath till the last scene when all the questions and queries are answered. It’s one unputdownable book for the kids!

This journey about pirates and their hunt to find the treasure will be loved by every child out there!

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Treasure Island book for 8 year old kids


6. Mindy Kim and Yummy Seaweed Business

This book focus on cultural diversity and how a girl is dealing with both, her mother’s death and her anxiousness of acceptance by the students in her new school. When Mindy’s schoolmates love the Korean snack she bought to school she starts selling them there! Kids will love this sweet-natured and clever girl!

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mindy kim and the yummy seaweed business book for 8 year old kids


7. Nancy Drew 01: The Secret of the Old Clock

This book marks the beginning of America’s favourite teenage sleuth. The secret of the Old Clock is a story how due to an accidental rescue leads to the search for a missing will. An interesting read for all the kids out there!

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the secret of the old clock book for 8 year old kids


8. Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

For those who have already watched this film with the same name, need no introduction to this book. Narnia is a magical land with all sorts of creatures, from Centaurs to beavers, who have the ability to talk and is ruled by an immortal cold Queen who has used magic to keep the entire land cold for centuries. It’s a story of how the creatures of Narnia are finally freed by the Queen when the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve stumble upon this land and help in saving them all, of course including Aslan! The most loved of all the Chronicles, this wonderful tale can be enjoyed again and again.

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The Chronicles of Narnia- The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe book for 8 year old kids


Let us know which one’s your favourite and if there’s anything you want us to add to the list!

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