7 Best Bicycles for Kids

As parents, it’s difficult to choose the best bicycles for kids because there are so many to choose from, so many factors to consider! From safety to types of pedals, seats, handles and gears. So much to consider! But don’t worry because we’ve created a list of 7 bicycles which are best suited for kids. So keep scrolling to know more!

1. Hero Sprint 20T Elite 6 Speed Junior Cycle

Age: – 6-10 Years

The cycle is delivered in semi-assembled condition (85% assembled). Customer needs to assemble it before use.

This 15-inch steel frame bike is ideal for kids with a height between 3 feet 2 inches to 4 feet 2 inches. With new features like mudguard which can protect your kids socks and shoes from the mud during monsoons, it definitely has to be taken into consideration! Plus it super sturdy and rigid and yet weighs only 3.2 kgs! Not to forget the suspension fork that ensures riding comfort on a bumpy road. It’s absolutely safe for kids! This one is also semi assembles and requires some assembling.

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2. Frog Batman Bike For Kids Of Age 5-8 Yrs Black 20 T Recreation Cycle (Single Speed, Multicolor)

Age: – 5-8 Years

Rider Height: 3 Feet 11 Inches to 4 Feet 4 Inches

Frog royal has bought yet another amazing bike for kids. With a carbon steel frame, single-speed shifting, v-brakes, high-quality water-slide decals stickers this one is sure to steal your kid’s attention especially if he is a Batman fan! The bicycle requires assembly on purchase.

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3. Hero Stomper 16 T Recreation Cycle  (Single Speed, Black)

AGE: 5-8 Years

The Hero Stomper 16 T Single Speed cycle comes with an easy pedal technology that lets kids ride their bike with minimum effort. It’s equipped with efficient wire brakes and not to forget plastic trainer wheels if they are still not confident about balancing.

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4. Hero Quicker 20T Steel Single Speed Junior Cycle, 12 Inch (Red)

Age: – 7-10 Years

Featuring reflectorized and skid pedal technology, kids are sure to ride this bike effortlessly. When it comes to the safety of kids, the bike’s parts have been designed with them in mind to ensure the maximum of it. Now, regarding the frame of the bike, t’s made of steel making it super sturdy.

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5. Hero Freak 12T Single Speed Kids Cycle

Age: – 2 to 3 Years

Min Rider Height: 2.5 feet | Max Rider Height: 3.5 feet

This Hero Brat made of high tensile steel which adds to the longevity! Not to miss out on the comfort of the seat, it’s crafted with a substantial-quality comfy seat that grants comfortable seating and furthermore it can be stretched out as expected to oblige your developing child with its adjustable seat feature. Overall it provides a great riding experience! This one’s a combination of blue and yellow so it can be used by both girls and boys! But it also comes in blue and orange so you can choose whatever is best for your kid!

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6. Hero Turk 20T Single Speed Junior Bike

Age: – 8-12 Years

The Hero Turk 20T Single Speed Junior Bike has a rexine saddle with a nut bolt adjustment. The seat features a steel black bolted clamp assembly so it’s easy to pull it up or bring it down. The handlebar is high enough for the hands and wrists. Coming to the safety, the bike has rear v-brakes so it’s safe to navigate through a crowded street.

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7. Speedbird 14-T Robust Double Seat Kid Bicycle for Boy and Girl

Age: – 3-6 Years

This one’s equipped with anti-skid pedals and a robust mig wielded steel frame which makes the cycle sturdy. The tires are non-slippery due to the moulded rims so the child has sufficient support while riding. Additional features include double seats with comfortable padding so 2 people can sit on it, the training wheels which will help them how to balance while riding and the front basket where they can keep anything they want to!

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Let us know which bicycle you would buy and which one do you feel is the best for kids in the comment box below!

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