6 Screen Free Activities for Kids

We’ve heard a gazillion parents complaining about how kids are on their phone the entire time or the iPad. And the only way to get them doing that is by adding some exciting activities ( BTW more exciting than their video games) in their daily routine but at the same time teaching kids to serve others as well. So go ahead and keep scrolling for these 6 ways you can get your kids to avoid the screen as much as possible.

1. Puzzles

Not only are puzzles a great way to keep kids away from the screen, but they’re also extremely helpful to improve their gross motor skills, fine motor skills and visual-spatial coordination. Play with puzzles with them on afternoons or on game nights and try to tell them interesting facts related to the puzzle you’re playing with.


2. Art and Craft

Are your kids spending way more time on iPads? Try these 25 craft ideas consisting of paper, ice cream sticks, paper rolls, colourful pasta, salt and so much more! These super simple craft ideas will definitely keep them engaged for quite some time, help bring out the creativity in them and give them a break from all their homework! These craft ideas for kids are a great way to develop their fine motor skills and with art and craft activities kids can build their self-confidence too! They require no special tools and most of these things used are easily available at home! Coming to spending time with children, these craft activities with kids are a great way to create unique bonding memories with them and some lifelong memories too!


3. Reading

Inculcating a habit of reading from a young age is one of the best gifts a parent can give to their children because starting early is much more beneficial for them in terms of better attention span, fluency in reading, enhanced interpersonal skills and obviously excel in academics. But more importantly, it broadens one’s mind and helps them gain a perspective on life. Obviously reading is something someone can start at any given age but the earlier the better! There are some really amazing books for kids out there that will capture their curiosity and keep them hooked for hours!


4. Baking

Whether it’s the holidays or not, cookies are something that everyone loves and can keep on stuffing all the time! So, why not bake them with kids? If you think it’s time-consuming, let us tell you that it is absolutely NOT! All one has to do is stuff some ingredients in a bowl and give it a good mix. That’s it! There are so many 3 ingredient cookies out there that you can try. So pick up that whisk and get them going! We’re sure your kids would be super excited about this!


5. Crosswords

While the rise in technology has bought about some mind-boggling changes and it’s great to be alive in this era that we’re living in, it does come with some consequences. With the humongous number of gaming apps out there and more coming up every day, not to forget the networking apps, kids these days are on these devices the entire day. It has hampered their way of living in more than one way, one of them is learning. Crossword puzzles are a great way to improve a child’s vocabulary and their knowledge about different things. It’s a fun way to recall past information and boosts one’s knowledge. Start them from an early age so that it becomes a habit and they carry it on into adulthood.


6. DIY Activities

In the past few years, DIY (Do-it-yourself) Activity kits have become quite famous among parents and kids. With the increase in usage of electronic devices by kids, parents are trying to reduce their screen time and DIY activity kits are coming to the rescue! They are so much fun that even adults would want to give it a try!

Apart from the fun, you can use these DIY activity kits to teach kids something new, introduce science concepts or give a practical example while teaching them the theory. These activity kits can become amazing examples for the learning through play concept! It makes learning more interesting.


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