6 Art and Craft Activities by CocoMoco Kids

According to experts, art and craft is one of the best ways to help children develop. No wonder such a huge chunk of a child’s schedule is dedicated to art and craft especially from the age of 3 to 8 years!

Art and craft is a great way to bring out a child’s artistic capabilities and at the same time, it has so many benefits such as the development of their gross motor and fine motor skills, building cognitive and social skills, enhancing dexterity and agility, improving hand-eye coordination and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Most importantly, engaging kids in art and craft activities from a young age helps them enhance their self-expression!

CocoMoco Kids has been trying to get kids to take a break from the screen and creating games kids will love to play with and grow with! So check out these 6 craft boxes by them which will bring out the artist in them!


AGE: 6 Years and above

A fun DIY science activity kit with 100% natural ingredients such as glycerin shavings, dried flower petals, natural colour and fragrance and more! Buy this kit during their vacation to keep them engaged and reduce their screen time!

The entire process is under your control, so mix and match all the ingredients to make your soap your way! This might make you more aware and incline you to use soaps made with natural ingredients in the future instead of using store-bought soaps full of chemicals!

This kit makes 2!

Buy them here.

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AGE: 4-12 Years

Dream catchers in Native American culture keep bad dreams away! If you’ve seen the Twilight Saga, you’d remember Jacob making one of these for Bella to keep away evil spirits and bad dreams.

This DIY kit consists of materials like feathers, beads and more to make 3 dream catchers! So get them this set now so that they make their own dream catchers. It’s a fun and creative activity which will keep them engaged for hours. Once they’re done making them, hang one above their bed and get them to gift the other two to their close friends!

Buy them here.

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AGE: – 3-8 Years

A DIY activity kit designed for kids, this box consists of wooden blocks of animals, paints, sponges and greeting cards! This kit can not only be used on greeting cards but also for school projects and birthday invitation cards. It’s a great way to enhance gross-motor skills, heighten creativity and improve visual-spatial coordination.

Buy them here.

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AGE: 5-14 Years

This one’s an art and craft activity! It comes with a set of acrylic paints and a brush so you can paint this unicorn themed bag. Get your kids to paint this bag and let them take it for tuitions or swim classes. They also make great return gifts and birthday gifts for kids!

Buy it here.

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AGE: 3-7 Years

Since kids love to draw, doodle around and colour these reusable chalkboards are a great way to engage your kids for hours. This pack consists of a set of 3 mats on animals, alphabet, numbers, shapes and dinosaurs and also includes one blank mat for drawing and doodling. The pack contains 10 dust-free chalks. It’s a great way to enhance your child’s gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Carry these along in the car or during your travels to keep your kids busy colouring their time away!

Buy them here.

You can also go for the Unicorn themed Chalk mats!

Picture Credit CocoMoco Kids


AGE: 2-7 Years

Introduce your little ones about the diverse country we live in with this 7.5 feet long storybook that doubles up as a colouring activity. Keep pulling out the roll and let kids colour their time away. This roll comes with sketch pens too!

Buy it here!

You can also check out the Solar System Colouring Roll!

Picture Credit CocoMoco Kids

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