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What are the best educational games and toys for 11-year-old kids?

With the countless number of applications available out there and more coming up every day, children these days are found spending their entire time on phones and iPad instead of spending time outdoors. It has hampered their way of living in more than one way, one of them is learning. There is definitely no going back on living without these devices or depriving them of it at all costs seeing how important they’ve become especially since the coronavirus pandemic! So the next best alternative is to reduce the digital time as much as possible and engage in fun and exciting educational games for children! And to make your life easy, we’ve curated a list of 5 educational games for your 11-year-old kids! These games for kids do not only improve a child’s hard skills but also work on their soft skills subtly! From games like country trump cards and route 99, we’re sure children will learn a lot. Keep scrolling to check out the entire list! *If you have any queries, we’ve given a link below, so feel free to ask us anything related to these products!*

1. Explore India Box

Consisting of 5 different activities including India bingo game, block printing kit, sticker sheet of all things India and an Interactive India Map, this box is designed to empower your children with knowledge about the best of India! Based on an experiential learning model with domains spanning across artistic, growth-oriented and smart areas, this kit is a great way to introduce your little one to the magical place called India!

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2. Travel Scrapbook

We all know how important journaling is, which should be started from a young age. This travel scrapbook is all about doodling, sticking fun pictures and writing all about their travel journeys! A habit builder, this is one great scrapbook to promote writing and organisational skills! Thematically based on our K.I.D ideology, this book uses experiential learning to habituate writing and has over 100 interactive stickers based on emotions like- smileys, thumbs up for a descriptive freedom. The checklist, in the beginning, helps build organisational skills while the 4 pages dedicated to each trip have well-spaced lines and are designed especially for small hands keeping in mind the gross-motor skills children have at a tender age. Suitable for 6-13-year-olds.

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3. Country Trump Cards

The box of 50 cards is absolutely perfect for when they are travelling with friends and family! This geography themed card game contains pictures of famous countries from all around the world and information such as the flag, monuments and a fun fact about each country! Kids can compare ranks of happiness, area and population of their card with other players and the player with the lowest rank of the chosen factor wins the round. Tell your kids all about the interesting facts of those countries and make this learning time productive! This fun educational geography game for kids comes in a reusable box so you don’t have to worry about losing any of the cards!

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4. Route 99

This educational game was made to improve your child’s rudimentary math skills subtly! Based on car racing, so kids enjoy this educational game to the fullest, players are supposed to throw mile cards to add more kilometres to their own pile in order to win the game and throw obstacle cards on the opponents pile to slow them down! The purpose of this educational game is to improve your child’s mental math ability without your child even realising! This game is perfect for all those kids who fear math! Play these games of lazy afternoons and game nights along with the entire family!

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5. World Map Activity Kit

The World Map activity kit for kids consists of a world map and booklet full of stickers of flags, currencies, names of monuments, famous places and animals to stick them in the correct places on the map. This educational game for kids also make great birthday and return gifts for kids!

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