5 Educational Toys for 10-Year-Old Kids by CocoMoco Kids

What are the best educational games and toys for 10-year-old kids?

Whether you’re searching for games that will work on a child’s hard skills and soft skills or you’re looking for games that would make the perfect return gifts and birthday gifts for kids, you’re at the right place! Below we’ve mentioned 5 amazing educational games for 10-year-old kids, which are perfect for playdates, game nights, birthday gifts and return gifts! So keep scrolling to read all about them and don’t miss out on the links for each product!

1. Human Body Puzzle

This science-themed wooden human body puzzle, with 3 X 2 feet as dimension, inspired by the human anatomy, are cut in the shape of organs, bones, muscles and labels for pre-schoolers and tweens is sure to boost their human anatomy knowledge!

The design ideology focuses on enhancing visual-spatial coordination, promoting critical thinking and improving memory. This jigsaw puzzle will help your child learn about the human body through the joy of a toy. There are so much that kids will be taking back from enhancing their memory to boosting general knowledge!

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2. Play Passport Kit

This Geography game for kids comes with a booklet filled with stickers of 12 different country flags, monuments, capitals, languages and so much more, to improve their knowledge about these countries which might end up evoking the love of geography in them! Stick the flags, languages, monuments and visas of all the countries in the respective page allotted to each country in the CocoMoco passport and write small notes about their travels in it!

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3. Hop Around the World Giant Map

This giant world map for kids with 6*4 feet as dimensions is to be spread on the floor and played just like twister. Only instead of placing hands and legs on colours, one has to place their hands and legs on the correct location on the map. Whoever lasts the longest, wins the game! Kids will definitely love this geography game and parents can teach kids the location of different countries while playing and at the same time subtly improve their gross motor skills! It’s a win-win situation for both!

This map can also be hung up on the wall for teaching and learning purpose!

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4. Tango Learning Proverbs

An English game for kids with a name that needs no explanation. Learning proverbs introduces your children to proverbs in the form of a game! This box consists of 50 cards- split into two colours-red and blue. The red one consists of the first half of the product and the blue one consists of the second half of the proverb. Kids need to race against time to match both the cards. Pull out a red card from the top of the pile and find the other half. You can explain the meaning of the proverb while at the game and ask them to make sentences. It’s a great way to refine their linguistic expression and cognitive skills.

TIP: If this method has been helpful you can use colourful flashcards as well. Divide a proverb into two halves and write it down on different colours and adopt instructions of the Tango Learning Proverb game here as well!

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5. India Map Activity Kit

Another geography toy for the kids on the list! But this one is here to teach children all about India and its rich culture! With reusable stickers of state names, capitals, crops and languages spoken in different countries, your child will definitely learn a lot about this beautiful, diverse country they live in!

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Let us know which game did you like the most in the comment box down below! If you want more information regarding these products click here!

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