5 Educational Games for 3 to 6-Year-Old Kids by CocoMoco Kids

A few years ago CocoMoco Kids was started keeping in mind that learning should be and can be fun and since it’s inception they’ve catered to millions of happy customers with their educational games for kids through various retail outlets and e-commerce website PAN India.

From games like Solar System Puzzle and Solar System SNAP Cards to Colouring Rolls and reusable chalk mats there are so many games, puzzles and activity kits focusing on subjects such as Geography, Science, Maths and English which not only enhance a child’s hard skills and soft skills at the same time. These educational games for preschoolers are also a great way to keep kids away from the screen and indulge in some fun productive playtime while they learn!

So try these 5 games with your kids today!


Price: Rs 299

Not only are puzzles a great way to keep kids away from the screen, but they’re also extremely helpful to improve their gross motor skills, fine motor skills and visual-spatial coordination. Play with these puzzles with them on afternoons or on game nights and try to tell them interesting facts related to the puzzle you’re playing with.

This 30 piece 14* 12-inch solar system puzzle consisting of brightly coloured planets, asteroids, comets and other space objects is designed to help kids learn through play. Once they’ve made the puzzle, flip the entire puzzle and find a colouring activity on the back. This puzzle will surely boost their knowledge about the solar system and enhance their gross motor skills. It’s a productive way to spend time and interact with them. You can also check out the India puzzle, Unicorn Puzzle, and My First World Map Puzzle!

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Price: Rs 299

Ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up and at least once you’ll hear them say an astronaut or a scientist or a doctor.

Science flashcards are barely something one comes by, and what does one do when one come across something unique, different and useful? You keep them! Teach them all about the planets, constellations, comets and other space objects through this fun and easy to play SNAP cards. Play it as SNAP, or a memory game or use them as flashcards. They’re a great way to improve a child’s memory, motor skills and dexterity!

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Price: Rs 299

Introduce your little ones about the diverse country we live and all about the different cultures and monuments in with this 7.5 feet long storybook that doubles up as a colouring activity. Keep pulling out the roll and let kids colour their time away. This roll comes with sketch pens too!

You can also check out the Solar System Colouring Roll!

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Price: Rs 499

Since kids love to draw, doodle around and colour these reusable chalkboards are a great way to engage your kids for hours. This pack consists of a set of 3 mats on animals, alphabet, numbers, shapes and dinosaurs and also includes one blank mat for drawing and doodling. The pack contains 10 dust-free chalks. It’s a great way to enhance your child’s gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Carry these along in the car or during your travels to keep your kids busy colouring their time away!

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You can also go for the Unicorn themed Chalk mats!



Price Rs 1249

This giant non-tearable map with 6*4 feet as dimensions is to be spread on the floor and played just like twister. Only instead of placing hands and legs on colours, one has to place their hands and legs on the correct location on the map. Kids will definitely love this game and parents can teach kids the location of different countries while playing. It’s a win-win situation for both!

This world map with countries can be hung up in the kids room for learning purpose too!

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Let us know which educational game did you like the most and would love to buy in the comment box below!

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