5 Educational Toys for 12 Year Old Kids by CocoMoco Kids

What are the best educational games and toys for 12-year-old kids?

While technological advancements have changed the game in so myriad ways, there are some banes too! It’s been a struggle for parents and caregivers to keep kids away from screens and tech- gadgets. Abstaining children from the use of iPads and mobiles is quite the impossible task now. But that doesn’t mean that the learning has to stop! Reduce the digital time with your children and encourage them to play some educational games and toys with them to keep them engaged without the screen! Check out this list of 5 educational games for kids to teach children in the most fun and exciting way possible! We bet you won’t be disappointed! So keep scrolling peeps!

1. World Box

A box full of all things Geography! With games like country trump cards, play passport kit, a world map activity kit and a travel scrapbook, this box is the complete package to introduce and teach your children Geography in a fun way! This geography themed educational game for children ensures that your children not only improve their general knowledge but also their gross motor skills, writing skills and interpersonal skills. After you play with your kids, you can also take short geography quizzes with them to ensure maximum retention!

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2. Tango Learning Proverbs

An English game for kids with a name that needs no explanation. Learning proverbs introduces your children to proverbs in the form of a game! This box consists of 50 cards- split into two colours-red and blue. The red one consists of the first half of the product and the blue one consists of the second half of the proverb. Kids need to race against time to match both the cards. Pull out a red card from the top of the pile and find the other half. You can explain the meaning of the proverb while at the game and ask them to make sentences. It’s a great way to refine their linguistic expression and cognitive skills.

TIP: If this method has been helpful you can use colourful flashcards as well. Divide a proverb into two halves and write it down on different colours and adopt instructions of the Tango Learning Proverb game here as well!

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3. India Activity Kit

Another geography toy for the kids on the list! But this one is here to teach children all about India and its rich culture! With reusable stickers of state names, capitals, crops and languages spoken in different countries, your child will definitely learn a lot about this beautiful, diverse country they live in!

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4. Flag Frenzy

The Flag Frenzy game for kids consists of 49 cards with different flags, 8 continent cards and a world map with flags marked on it. Each card has eight flags, and every card ALWAYS has one flag in common with every other card. All the kids have to do is match the flag before the other players!

Stick the map on the wall or on their wardrobe. Use this map to teach the kids about the flags of different countries and where these countries are located! Once you’ve taught them about the different countries, play a little geography quiz with them!

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5. World Bingo

Based on the classic Bingo game, this one is here to get your kids accustomed to all the different countries and continents in the world. Conquer the World or rule a continent! The child who finishes marking off all the countries labelled on their world-map sheet first will be the queen or king of the world! A fun geography board game for kids indeed!

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Let us know which game did you like the most in the comment box down below! If you want more information regarding these products click here!

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