25 Craft Ideas for Kids

Are your kids spending way more time on iPads? Try these 25 craft ideas consisting of paper, ice cream sticks, paper rolls, colourful pasta, salt and so much more! These super simple craft ideas will definitely keep them engaged for quite some time, help bring out the creativity in them and give them a break from all their homework! These craft ideas for kids are a great way to develop their fine motor skills and with art and craft activities kids can build their self-confidence too! They require no special tools and most of these things used are easily available at home! Coming to spending time with children, these craft activities with kids are a great way to create unique bonding memories with them and some lifelong memories too!

In this article, we will be craft ideas that you can make with waste materials, craft ideas with paper, craft ideas with shells, craft ideas with salt and so much more! So keep scrolling!


These pasta necklaces surely give a Hawaiian vibe! You can also add this fun colourful activity for your kids next birthday party!

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Check out how to make this colourful pasta necklace here!


2. DIY Candles at Home

These pineapple candles are oh-so-adorable! Candle making at home is surely easier than one would think! If you don’t want to make a pineapple scented one, you can always go for a strawberry essence or stick to the classic vanilla scented candles by either adding some strawberry essence or vanilla essence!

Get the recipe of this Pineapple Scented Candle here!


3. DIY Photo Frames

We’re sure you have some of these ice cream sticks at home if you regularly make popsicles for your kids at home! The ice-cream stick photo frames are quite simple to make and require just a few ingredients. Click here to know how to make them!

On another note try these Muskmelon Chia Popsicle for your kids!


4. Letter Art

These monogram letters could go up on the door of their room! Here are two different designs you can try at home with your kids!

Click here to check out how to make them!


5. Bird Art

Stick these cute birds to their wardrobe or on the walls!

Click here to watch how to make them.


6. Mason Jar Art

Whether it’s someone’s birthday, mother’s day or father’s day, these colourful mason jars are so easy to make. All you have to do is stick a heart made out of paper and stick anywhere in the middle of the jar. Paint the jar all around the heart and once it’s done take the heart out. That’s it! You can also use glitter to cover the entire jar. Fill these jars with candles, cute messages and chocolates!


7. Paper Plate Art

For the eyes, beak and the feet:

Cut out the feet and eyes from a piece of chart paper. You can either buy them in orange and white or get the kids to colour them. As for the eyes, make a circle and colour them black.

For the paper plate:

Paint the backside of the plate it black and fold them the way it’s shown in the picture.

Once this is done, stick the eyes, beak and feet.

That’s it!


8. Recycled Wind Chime

This craft activity is a great way to improve their gross motor skills!

Click here to know how to make them!


9. Suncatcher CD Art

All you need is some glue, colourful transparent stones and circular glass. If you don’t have glass you can always stick these stones on a CD. Hang these suncatchers at the entrance of your home!

Click here to know how to make them!


10. Balloon Garland

What’s required:

  1. Colourful paper or chart paper
  2. String
  3. Thread

Cut the colourful paper in the shapes as shown below. Fold them from the centres to make two symmetric halves and stick 4 of them together with glue with the string in the centre. The length of the string depends on how long you want them to be or how many balloons you want to stick to a string.

And in the end, tie the strings to a piece of wood and hang them in their room!


11. Bookworm Bookmark

If your kids are avid readers, get them to make these bookworm bookmarks! If you don’t have papers in patterns, get them to paint on chart papers and cut them in circular shapes!

Click here to know how to make them!

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12. DIY Dream Catchers

Fun fact: Dreamcatchers are believed to keep bad dreams and evil spirits away.

Try out this fun craft activity with your kids and hang them at the head of their bed or pin them to the wall.

This set makes 3!


13. Salt Art

Instead of using the same old paints, why not try something different for a change?

Check out how to do it here!


14. Colour Your Own Unicorn Bags

Get your kids to paint these bags yourself! It comes with acrylic paints and glitter glue to decorate the bag.

They also make great birthday gifts for kids too!

Get this bag here!


15. Candle Holder

Decorate these candle holders with your kids during Easter or Thanksgiving or Christmas or not. You don’t really need an occasion to make these candle holders with your kids! Place them in their dressing room! If you don’t want to take the risk of placing wax candles, you can go for the electric ones too!

Check out this website for more information on how to make them!


16. DIY Soap Making Kit 

This one has a lot of science involved in it!

With glycerin shreds, natural colours and fragrances in the box and more, this kit makes a great craft activity!

Buy this Soap Making Kit today!


 17. Wood Can Holder

But some old food cans to use by recreating them into holders or even a vase! If you don’t want to use wood you can also decorate it with ice cream sticks, shells, pebbles, chart paper and colourful stones too!

Check out how to make them here!


18. Block Printing Kit

These block printing kits consists of animal blocks, paints and greeting cards so you can help your kids decorate them and send them to their best friends or cousins!

Now even if the paints are over you can buy new ones and keep using the blocks and make birthday cards or greeting cards with your kids!

Buy them here!


19. Ice cream cone garland

This ice cream cone garland would be perfect decor for an ice cream themed birthday party! If you don’t want them to be colourful you can stick to the theme of the birthday by adding different shades of the same colour!

And if you’re making them with your kids as a craft activity, these could go up on one of the walls of their room!

Click here to see how to make them!


20. Button Art

Get some old buttons out from the store and create this beautiful tree! Once done, get this framed for their room!


21. Bird House

Put some grains in these pretty little birdhouses for the birds and hang it on one of the nearest trees!

Check out how to make these glittery birdhouses with theme here!


22. Curious Cats

These curious cats would make great Halloween decor idea to place all around the house!

Click here and follow all the steps to make these curious cats!


23. DIY Bath Bombs for Kids

Who knew bath bombs could be so easy to make!

TIP: If you don’t have these moulds, you can always use a semi-circle chocolate mould to make them in semi-circular shapes!

Check them out here!


24. Colourful Salt

All you have to do is mix a few drops of colour to the salt and mix them! And you get these colourful salt bottles! They would look so pretty on the mantle!


25. Rainbow Rice

Did you know that rice is a superb sensory play material? Check out: 50 Fun Ways to Play with Rice – Mama OT

For more details on how to make rainbow rice, click here!


Let us know if you tried any of these or if you would want to try these with your kids!

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