24 Birthday Themes and Cakes for 2 To 6-Year-Old Boys

From LEGO to Pokemon, check out these 24 birthday themes and cakes for your naughty little boy!

1. Cars

Cars is one of the most loved movies by all the boys! They can watch it over and over again without getting bored! Set a red table cloth on the table and keep 4 wheels on all the corners, buy cars themed cups and paper plates online and serve snacks to all the kids in them! Set up car racing games for the kids and more fun activities.



From a building blocks pinata to building blocks cupcakes and brownies decorated with m&m’s, you can do so much! Gift all the kids a LEGO game as return gifts in LEGO party bags.


3. Pirates on a Treasure Hunt

This has got to be one of the most exciting themes for kids. There are so many interesting games you can play. Hide a small gift in a tub of sand with some shells, coins and pebbles and get them to find it. But the rule is that each kid gets one chance only! Another interesting game you could get them to play is TREASURE HUNT! Hide a big box of chocolate coins. Set clues for them all around the place and let them figure out where the big box of chocolates are kept, all by themselves!


4. Despicable Me 

Who knew yellow and blue could be gelled so well? Get some mini minion cookies, cake pops, cupcakes and finally make your minion piñata to top it all off! The only problem would be no one would want to burst that piñata, it would be that cute! You can paint old soda bottles in yellow and stick popup eyes to make it look like minions and organise a bowling game for the kids with some exciting prizes for the winner.


5. Pokémon Go

Bake some vanilla cupcakes iced with mango buttercream swirls and mango jello for all the kids! This party is sure to be a major hit among all the kids because who doesn’t love Pikachu?


6. Whales In The Sea

Decorate the room with red, blue and white balloons everywhere and surround them with fairy lights! Serve some strawberry and blueberry flavoured jello and vanilla cupcakes filled with blueberry compote and cream cheese swirls! There are countless nautical theme free printables available to hang up as banners. Get all the kids to dress up in blue and white and give them all a pirate eye patch when they enter! For the ball pool, instead of adding colourful balls, just go with the theme and get balls with different shades of blue!

As for the cake, decorate a 2-tier chocolate cake filled with dark chocolate ganache and cover it with fondant with a cute whale on the top! If you’ve never baked before then look up videos on youtube or fire up google and you’ll find countless videos with recipes and cake decoration ideas.


7. Superheros

Avengers theme should definitely be considered for their birthday! Give away Ironman, Captain America and Spiderman masks to all the kids. If they have a favourite avengers character then get that character cake customised for them or you can go for an avengers themed one with all the characters in it! If they are a huge Batman or Superman fan then you can also opt for a DC themed birthday too!


8. Madness in Madagascar

The Madagascar themed birthday party is a great idea if your kid is a huge fan of the Madagascar movies! It’s also one the most budget-friendly themes too! Cut out green leaves from chart papers and hang them everywhere to give a jungle vibe, make summery drinks and serve them tiger paws and pizzas!


9. Woodland creatures

Celebrate your kid’s birthday with some friendly forest creatures. There’s a lot of DIY activities involved. Make your invitation cards yourself and get your kid to help you with it. Print out free woodland creatures party printable, bake and decorate some chocolate cupcakes and decorate them to make it look like mushrooms and don’t forget to add chocolate yule logs! It’s sure to be a major hit among the guests!


10. Harry Potter

Give all the kids Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin ties to all the kids. Stick up a picture of Voldemort and get the kids to stick the nose in the right place. Whoever sticks the nose in the right place, wins!

You could go for a fondant cake with a chocolate sponge cake filled with dark chocolate compound and butterscotch nuts in the centre! Cover it up with a Gryffindor scarf with those famous round spectacles! Or you can keep the chocolate base as it is and cover it up with vanilla buttercream icing or whipped cream icing to make it look like Hedwig, as you wish!


11. Once Upon A Time

If you have a child who cannot stop reading, this is the theme to go for. Put up birthday banners with all the kids books you read to them. And for games get the RSC Shrink Rory’s Story Cubes. This game has 9 dice with shapes instead of numbers. Get all the kids to roll all the nine dice and to narrate their own story which they have to make on the spot based on the shapes they get. Whoever’s story is the best, wins a prize!


12. Peppa Pig

Not considering Peppa Pig theme for their birthday would be a crime! This is the most beloved character for Gen Z! Peppa Pig birthday banners (there are so many free Peppa Pig printables out there), DIY Peppa Pig lanterns and Peppa Pig party hats are a must! You can also create your own Peppa Pig gift bag and add a Peppa Pig piggy bank and give them as return gifts!

Make your kid’s Peppa Pig theme cake yourself with Kit Kats and fondant pigs lying around in a chocolatey mud pool! It’s simple and the rage right now! Or you could also try and customise one like given below!


13. Cookie Monster

Who doesn’t love cookies? So why not a cookie monster theme cake is perfect for your little cookie monster? A Cookie Monster themed birthday is another great idea for them! Lots of DIY stuff that can be done. For games, you could put blindfolds on children and tell them to try and stick the eye on the cookie monster poster in the right place or get them to make DIY monster-themed slime! And for desserts some chocolate cupcakes with blue icing and a cookie to top it off, some churros dipped in blue chocolate and confetti and ta-da! It’s done!

Get a 3-tier cookie monster fondant cake with cookies all around for their party or go for a 1-tier cake with blueberry flavoured blue buttercream icing! If you’re going for the latter, choose a grass nozzle to get that furry look! Or check out this cupcake-shaped cookie monster cake below! It’s another amazing cake idea!


14. Mickey and Family

A clichéd but never too old idea for first birthdays is a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party. Get the kids to dress up as Mickey and Minnie or in red and pink. From mickey cupcakes and décor to Minnie hairbands for all the girls and Mickey hats for all the boys, there’s room for so much creativity! You can choose to add Goofy and Donald duck as well! If you want to make Mickey-themed party hats and bags, click here!


15. Lazy Pandas

Did you know that Pandas are one of the laziest animals on earth? So why not a Panda themed birthday for your lazy ones? Panda hats, panda cups and plates should be a part of the theme. Make party banners in white black and silver in the shape of a panda and hang them everywhere. Serve mousse cakes in a glass and top it with vanilla ice cream and make their eyes and brows with Hershey’s syrup! Gift all the kids a panda soft toy or a panda-themed cushion cover with a panda printed on them with acrylic paints and a brush.

A good cake idea would be to customise a chocolate cake covered in fondant and trees and chocolate twisters as tree trunks with panda’s lying around them.


16. Jungle Theme

One of the most common birthday theme, the jungle-themed birthday party is a great idea if you love greens and nature! It’s one of the most budget-friendly themes as well! For a change instead or serving pizzas and pastas you could serve fruits covered in chocolate drizzles and fruit smoothies to all the kids! Get toy snakes and place them in the garden to scare the kids too 😛


17. Toy Story

Alien lollies, alien jello cups, sugar cookies decorated in Toy Story characters are just a few of the many ideas you can use for this theme! For more ideas, click here!


18. Power Rangers

It’s one of the oldest shows ever and still loved by kids of this generation! Dip marshmallows in colourful melted chocolate, serve cheese popcorn in popcorn tubs on red, pink, blue and black colour! For more power ranger themed birthday party ideas, click here!

Red Power Ranger cake by Mary Beth


19 Angry Birds

There are so many angry birds printables available on the internet. Cut and stick their eyes, noses and beaks to balloons and hang them all over the place. Stick those on the cups and plates as well! Put up a picture of an angry bird and tell the kids to stick their beaks in the right place for exciting gifts! Create your own angry birds wreath with colourful cupcake paper, pom-poms and of course angry birds! Serve angry bird cookies and cake pops to all the guests!


20. Jurassic Park

Put up balloons everywhere in different shades of green, cut out leaves from green hand-made paper and hang them everywhere and place dinosaur figures everywhere! Don’t forget the chocolatey dino eggs!


21. Winter

If your kid’s birthday falls during the winter, you could opt for this theme. You can decorate everything in white and blue. For a change dip strawberries in white chocolate instead of dark chocolate and drizzle blue chocolate on them (TIP: To make the white chocolate into blue, just add a drop of blue food colour in the melted white chocolate to change the colour to blue) and serve vanilla shakes with confetti in plastic wine glasses. For return gifts, get all the children to adopt a polar bear or a penguin from the box full of them.


22. Outer Space 

Make your space-themed invitation card and if you’re not into that you could always get free space-themed party printables. Cut and stick eyes from colourful chart paper on balloons to make them look like aliens and make all the kids wear rocket head hats. As for the food, serve strawberry/fruit rockets to all the guests and set a bowl of melted dark chocolate ganache aside so that the kids can dip their fruits in it! If you don’t want them to make a mess, drizzle chocolate on them!  You could also opt for a galaxy themed party as well!


23. Lion King

A Lion King theme is a great idea for your little Simba! Design your cupcakes to make them look like lions and make animal cake pops for all of them, serve some lion paws to all the kids and make your own Simba pinata at home!


24. Rainbows and Sunshine

Because it’s one of the most colourful themes, why leave out the food? Bake rainbow cookies or bake simple sugar cookies and cover them with colourful royal icing to make it look like a rainbow. Decorate the entire room with colourful balloons and make your banners.

For the cake, you can go for a tall cake with all the colours found in a rainbow and fill it with chocolate or vanilla buttercream as you wish! Make some swirls on the top and cover it with colourful confetti.


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