21 Unique Birthday Gifts for Girls

Check out this list of 21 birthday gift for girls if you are out of ideas! Keep scrolling for more!

1. Lamp

This neon star-shaped neon led light will definitely make a cool decor piece for their room, it looks so elegant. It creates a great ambience for their room. You can also go for the rainbow marquee light or the cloud dream catcher light!


2. Pinboard

This cute tortoise-shaped pinboard will definitely put a playful twist to your child’s room. They can use this board to pin up their schedule and sticky notes so they don’t forget their day to day activities or stick pictures to it as well! If you don’t like the tortoise one you can also choose between the toy train pinboard or the hot air pinboard!


3. Mug

We know how finicky kids are when it comes to drinking their milk! Gift them a fancy mug and see how much they enjoy drinking it in these classy unicorn mugs! You can also go for the deer themed mug too!


4. Tent

Kids absolutely love tents because it’s a getaway from their routine and the constant nagging to do their work. They can do whatever they want whether they’re playing or reading!

There are so many tents available out there. They come in different shapes and sizes so you can buy one according to their height! Click here to check this one out! Depending on the height of your kid you can select the one that suits her the best!


5. Instrument

Encouraging children to play musical instruments has countless benefits including improved IQ and it’s a productive way to spend time! Gift her a digital keyboard or on their birthday and let their musical journey begin! If they don’t want to play the keyboard, a guitar or a violin can be replaced and given as a birthday gift!


6. Stationery Kit

Bring out the artist in her and buy her a paint set, a pencil pouch filled with fancy erasers, sharpeners, whiteners, glitter pens, sketch pens, a calligraphy pen set in it and pastel colours if they love to draw and colour!


7. Watch

Let’s face it, watches make great accessories! Depending on their taste you can go for quirky ones available on Chumbak or if they have a sophisticated taste you can go for something like this!


8. Photo Frame

Yet another gift that can become a piece for their room wall! This frame can be used to display pictures of them with their friends and family! Photo frames are another great idea for all the kids with a picture of all of them from the party to keep the memory alive!


9. Giant Teddy

Gift your girl this giant, furry friend who will create a lifetime of memories during bedtime stories or sleep with it during bedtime.


10. Bag

Whether they’re going for a picnic or travelling these mini backpacks will make a classy accessory with their outfit. It can be used to store their wallet, their phone, earphones, iPod and much more! From Hannah Montana themed sling bags to Frozen themed mini backpack and let’s not forget the Mickey Mouse totes available easily, thanks to e-commerce websites!


11. Cycle

There’s no doubt that children love cycles. It gives them a sense of freedom and independence and the obvious fact that it can increase their metabolism rate! So buy them one for their next birthday!


12. Book

Inculcating a habit of reading from a young age is one of the best gifts a parent can give to their children because starting early is much more beneficial for them in terms of better attention span, fluency in reading, enhanced interpersonal skills and obviously excel in academics. But more importantly, it broadens one’s mind and helps them gain a perspective on life. So maybe gift her a Harry Potter on her birthday to start this new journey!


13. Doll House

It’s every girl’s dream and her most treasured possession! Have you seen kids when they play with the dollhouse? They create their own little scenarios and build stage dramas which are often a representation of how they live. So keep a close eye when they’re playing with them because you get to know a lot about how your child feels, thinks and it helps you understand them better.


14. Diary/Notepad

Check out Mumuso or Archies doodle diaries. Encouraging children to journal their thoughts down is never a bad idea. So gift your girl a diary or a notepad and add a fancy pen to with it! She can use it to jot down to-dos, reminders, take messages on the go & much more.

You can also replace that diary with a scrapbook where they can stick lots of travel pictures and get them to write a little something about their trip!

Encourage her to write by giving her one of these fancy notebooks!


15. Sipper

These transparent pink flamingo sippers comes with a straw is all that kids need to spice up your parties and summertime. It is perfect to serve kids smoothies or milkshake in them. The straw can be changed or can be washed and reused. The sipper is detachable and once the lid is removed can be used a glass. You can also go for the watermelon sippers too!


16. Alarm Clock

This red twin bell alarm clock has a classic, vintage charm to it. It’s loud, so it’s perfect for your child if they are deep sleepers. For more features click here!


17. Camera

These cameras make the perfect gift if she loves to click pictures! They instantly print out pictures and can be carried for vacations! It can also become a cute decor piece for their room and comes in different shapes colours so you can buy one in their favourite colour!


18. Kindle

If your girl is a bookworm and cannot stay away from her books, this is the one! This kindle can hold thousands of books so she can carry her library with her all the time and read anytime anywhere without getting bored!


19. Sunglasses

Buy a stylish pair of sunglasses for her upcoming birthday! Click here to know about the best shades for her!


20. Piggy Bank

We all have heard the phrase “a penny saved is a penny earned”. Inculcating in children the importance of saving is one of the most important lessons we teach them when they are young. Make it a habit by getting them to do weekly chores and give them those coins so that they can buy their favourite books or toys! Plus they come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours. There is a myriad range to choose from. Shop them online or buy them from your nearest stores as the make good return gifts!

This pig-shaped piggy bank is so classy that your girl will instantly love it and we guarantee you they would want opportunities to save money in them!


21. Storage Box

Storage boxes are the perfect gift for girls to store their accessories or memorable souvenirs safely and stylishly!


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