19 Origami Art Ideas for Kids

At times when you notice your kids in front of the screen too much or see them stressing over their never-ending assignments with the exams knocking on the door, sit with them and tell them to take a break for five or ten minutes and make these simple origami shapes and animals with them. It helps reduce stress and at the same time doesn’t dilute the concentration level. It takes minutes or sometimes even seconds to make these shapes. Once you’re done making these shapes, stack them all together and make your own wind chime at home or just decorate those pretty animals in their room!

So scroll down and make these simple origami shapes within minutes.

1. Origami Dogs

There’s more than just one way of making these adorable creatures!

Follow these simple steps to make them.

Picture Credit Pinterest

If you want to try a different way of making origami dogs watch the video below!

2. Origami Foxes

These clever ones are easier than most animals and birds! Your kid won’t struggle to make them at all! Click here to make these foxes by following a few simple steps!

Picture Credit Origami Way

3. Origami Cranes

You might want to sit with them while doing this one so that they don’t miss out on a step or are struggling to keep up with the steps!

How to fold an origami crane. A fun activity for kids. illustrated ...

Picture Credit Pinterest

If you’re finding it difficult to keep up with the steps, watch the video below!

4. Jumping Frogs

Teach them how to make these colourful jumping frogs and see whose frog can jump the farthest!

Picture Credit It’s Always Autumn

5. Transforming Ninja Stars

Make these beautiful geometric patterns and teach them about different mathematical geometric patterns while at it!

Picture Credit What Do We Do All Day

6. Origami Birds

If you’ve watched Money Heist and are wondering how to make those birds the Professor keeps making, watch this video and learn how to make them!

7. Origami Whales

Make these super-cute whales, stick them together with a thread and hang them in your room making it an amazing DIY decor idea for your kid’s room!

Picture Credit Red Ted Art

For more DIY craft ideas which can be used decor ideas for your kids’ room check out 13 DIY Craft Ideas with Kids

8. Origami Umbrellas

These mini umbrellas can be used to decorate wreaths and your room during the spring season!

Check out the video to make this umbrella step by step!

Picture Credit Pinterest

9. Magic Circles

A fun and interesting DIY paper toy for kids and adults which does not require any glue at all! The instructions are simple and they make a great opportunity to spend time with children and teach them something new.

Picture Credit Pinterest

10. Origami Boats

These origami boats were a major part of my monsoons as a kid. Making these boats with my grandmother and letting it float during periods of waterlogging is one of my fondest memories with her!

Follow the procedure and make your own colourful boats. Make these boats with your kids and let them play with these in the bathtub!

how to fold a paper boat step by step - Google Search

Picture Credit Pinterest

11. Stars

Follow these steps given here and after making around 10 to 15 of them mix it up with cute origami elephants and hang them up just the way they show in Ice Age or make cute bracelets for your little angel!

Picture Credit Pinterest


From Harry Potter to Pokémon to Woodland creatures, there are so many ideas for your customised bookmark! Watch these simple steps below and make your within no time!

You can buy origami sheets with patterns on them or simple ones and paint on them.

Picture Credit Pinterest

Another amazing idea for bookmarks but something different than the previous one!

13. Origami Egg Stands

Just a few folds here and there and make these cute colourful egg stands during Easter!

Picture Credit Yes! We Made This

14. Origami Butterflies

Watch the video below and make these delicate and fragile winged insects easily!

15. Origami Paper Fishes

All you need is a pair of scissors, some adhesive and colourful chart paper for this one. Click here to watch the video. Decorate their room by sticking these paper fishes on the walls or on their cupboard with some colourful bubbles to make it look like bubbles are coming out of their mouth.

Picture Credit Pinterest

16. Paper Caterpillars

Just like the jumping frog, mentioned above, these paper caterpillars are simple to make and are used to race with kids or among siblings and friends. Use straws to push caterpillars forward till the finishing line before your kids!

Easy Craft Will Keep Kids Busy On Summer Afternoons - Simplemost

Picture Credit Google

17. Origami Mushrooms

Whether its a fairy themes birthday party or just making those plants at your home more colourful these origami mushrooms are a must!

Picture Credit Pinterest

18. Origami Finger Rings

They might look difficult and complicated but they’re super easy to make! Teach your daughter how to make these and see her make a different colour every day for herself and all her friends!

Picture Credit Red Ted Art

19. Origami Elephants

There’s more than one way of making these origami elephants. The picture below shows a step by step way of making an elephant head.

Picture Credit Pinterest

But if you want to go to the next level and try to make this one.


Picture Credit Pinterest

Once you’ve made these simple animals and shapes with your kids, you can transcend to a more difficult and complex level. I came across this website which has a collection of beautiful animals and shapes made by people all around the world. So do check it out!

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