18 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is hosted just a couple of weeks before for soon-to-be-moms. The entire family and friends come together to celebrate the welcome of welcome the newest member of the family. It’s also a way to help the new parents get everything they need for when the baby arrives.

What gifts to bring for a Baby Shower?

There are several amazing and interesting gifts that will be perfect for a baby shower. From diaper genies and bags to bassinettes and soft toys for the arriving baby. Anything that can be helpful for the baby or the mother would make a perfect gift for a baby shower!

Whether you’re shopping for new parents try one of these gifts for new moms and dads that will make navigating the first few years of parenthood a little easier.

So keep scrolling to check out this list of 20 baby shower gift ideas mentioned below!

1. Baby Bath

This makes bathing time for the mothers so much easier because we all know how fragile those small babies are. This mesh one keeps the little one supported in the water while also allowing for the runoff to easily drain through.


2. Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is an absolute essential which every parent needs! So why not gift them one? You can stuff some diapers and a few baby essentials in there too!


3. Newborn Holder

As much as the new parents will love holding their new baby, they’ll definitely be exhausted by it. So a holder is another great idea for a baby shower!


4. Baby Bassinette

How cute is this baby-in-a-basket bassinet? It has two handles so it’s easy to carry the baby easily. There’s also a frame, so the parents can set the basket in the frame and rock the kid gently to sleep.


5. Memory Book

Any parent would love to keep a memory book entailing all the ‘firsts’ and the milestone that they and the baby achieve. The parents can stick pictures and add some notes beside the pictures and lots of stickers! Once the baby is all grown up, the family will love looking back at this special keepsake, too.


6. Baby Onesies

Baby onesies always looks cute on children! Whether superheroes or not, there are so many available out there! Check them out on Amazon!


7. Name Book

We all know how big this is for parents! Months of research and a billion fights later, they still reach nowhere. So a name book can make a great baby shower gift.


8. Soft Toys

One of the standard gifts that are given to any baby. These plush toys are so cute whether it’s a dolphin or a monkey or a ballerina or a princess. You want to keep in mind that these soft toys can be used in the years to come so as the baby gets older and is looking for something new to play with, the parents can simply reach for something that has been waiting on the shelf.


9. Pillows

Baby pillows are definitely going to be handy for the parents and the baby in the next few months! Plus, they definitely add colour to the room! You can go for a cartoon-themed one if you like!


10. Gift Baskets

These gift baskets could consist of baby essentials, with stuff like nail clippers, baby hairbrush, little baby shoes, a small soft toy, rattlers, non-toxic teether and so much more! Or it could be a survival kit for the mother with all things she would need in the last trimester!


11. Books

Before the arrival of a baby, parents will need all the information to be as prepared as possible for after the arrival. So books on parenting would make great gifts for parents!


12. Photo Album

They might be used that much anymore, thanks to technology, but photo albums surely need to be used more! These albums are perfect to store all the memories!


13. Monograms for baby (if they have already selected the name of the kid)

We’re pretty sure that they have been preparing for a nursery, so why not a handmade monogram for the baby’s room? This could be hanged anywhere in the room, even hung at the door!


14. Small piece of jewellery for the mom

A small pair of earrings or a pendant for the mother with the baby’s initials could be a great gift for the mother!


15. Diaper Genie

A diaper genie is a box where all the used diapers can be thrown so that you don’t have to keep going to the kitchen or the restroom to dispose of them! At the end of the day or when the diaper genie is full, the parents can throw them off together!


16. Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are perfect for a stroller or even a basket. The parents can carry the baby in it or drape over a rocker in the nursery to keep them cosy. One can never go wrong with this blanket.


17. Mobile for the cot

There are so many types of mobiles available out there! Ones that play music, ones that rotate themselves, mobiles according to themes and even customised mobiles! They can be hung on the cot to entertain the kid!


18. Playmat

A play mat is extremely important for the parents and the baby. If the mother is busy doing some work, she can always lay the kid on the playmat with a few toys around which can keep the kid entertained and safe.


Let us know which one from the list was your favourite or if we missed out on anything in the comment box below!

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