16 Return Gifts for Kids Under Rs 300

Check out this list of 16 return gifts for kids under Rs 300 for your kid’s upcoming birthday!

1. Solar System Snap Cards

These snap cards make great memory games and a fun way to stimulate active engagement & imagination in children! It comes in a round, reusable box and easy to carry on family trips, picnics and family parties. You can also go for the country trump cards by CocoMoco Kids! Give something educational to the kids as a return gift for a change.

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Highlight their room décor with these amazing printed cushion covers set!

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3. Soap Making Kit

Made with 100% natural ingredients, this kit is a fun DIY activity and keep the kids engaged and reduce their screen time! Stay busy on a holiday with this fun engaging DIY Kit! It’s for the experiment lover inside you and your child alike!

Children can be more creative and use a natural ingredient of their own choice and add flowers they love! It’s safe and as mentioned earlier made of natural ingredients! Kids will surely love this one!

Makes 2 soaps.

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4. Mother Daughter Owl Figurine

This owl figurine can become a cute showpiece for their study or dressing table!

Picture Credit Chumbak

5. Solar System Puzzle

This 30 piece 14*12 inch solar system puzzle consisting of brightly coloured planets, asteroids, comets and other space objects is designed to help kids learn through play. Once they’ve made the puzzle, flip the entire puzzle and find a colouring activity on the back. This puzzle will surely boost their knowledge about the solar system puzzle and enhance their gross motor skills. It’s a productive way to spend time and interact with them. You can also check out the India puzzle, Unicorn Puzzle, and My First World Map Puzzle by CocoMoco kids!

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6. MINISO Bowling Water Bottle with Air Tight Protective Silicone(320 ml)

This glass bottle can be taken for picnics or even to the school. It’s safe to use as it comes with a silicon cover!

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7. Explore India Wipe n Clean Colouring Roll

This 7.5 feet long wipe n clean reusable colouring roll includes monuments, festivals, national emblem, national bird and the national anthem! Let them colour their time away and teach them all about India at the same time! Includes sketch pens, colouring roll and stickers! You can also go for the solar system colouring roll as return gifts for kids!

Explore India through this fun-filled engaging colouring activity. Learn as you colour the rich cultural diversity of India. Kids stay busy for hours, great for travel!

Picture Credit CocoMoco Kids


These sticky hooks can be put up in the kids room and hang anything you want, from clothes and belts to specs and accessories! You can also go for the celestial sticky hook!

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9. Coin Pouches

They come in vibrant colours with bears, owls and cats on them. They’re perfect to keep coins, their rings and more!

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These eco-friendly bowls can be used to feed the kids anything and everything from soups and custards to fruits and cereal!

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This spoon and fork set for kids can be incorporated to their school lunch boxes!

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These clipboards can become their exam companions! Add a pen to this gift if you wish to!

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Stay on top of your daily tasks with this plain Teddy notebook. Featuring an elastic enclosure this notebook comes with a gel pen. Keep it on your desk and tackle each item mindfully.

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14. CountryTrump Cards

This flashcard game for kids is another great return gift for kids. A fun way to teach kids about countries, their capital, the famous country monuments, flags and more. Play this game with your kids while you’re on the road or a vacation and still not want to hamper their learning. With this set of CountryTrump cards, one would be working on a child’s hard skills and their soft skills, such as interpersonal skills and cognitive skills, simultaneously. It’s perfect for kids aged 5 to 12 years.

Picture Credit CocoMoco Kids

15. Unicorn Themed Alarm Clock

This unicorn-themed alarm clock one can become a great centrepiece for the kids room!

Picture Credit Returngiftwala

16. Space Themed Return Gift

This 5 in 1 space-themed return gift consists of a calendar, a mug and a notebook with a thank you cards in a space-themed bag making it perfect if you’re throwing a space-themed birthday for your kids!

Picture Credit Returngiftwala

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