16 Amazing Storage Box Ideas for Kids Toys

A few issues parents face: – where to keep these toys? How to keep the room cleaner and more organised? You enter the house and into the living room, you see their toys on the floor. You look at the corner of the room and all you see is a messy pile of games. You keep asking yourself how to keep the place clean and keep all the toys organised? That’s when you know it’s time to finally invest in some storage boxes for kids toys! Check out this list of storage boxes and bins for your kids to store all those toys!


With jungle animals all over this storage bin, your child is sure to be fascinated with this cute little storage bin. It consists of handles which makes it easy to carry or drag by both parents and kids. Hide those toys and laundry in these bins. When it’s not being used, you can fold it and put it away to make room for other things.

Picture Credit IKEA

2. My Gift Booth Linen Storage Bag

With 43 x 35 x 35.5 cm as the dimensions, this storage bag is made of high-quality linen. It’s easy to maintain and to clean. This storage box consists of handles and is light in weight making it easy to carry around. They are super classy and will definitely go with your furniture and walls!

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3. Befunky Fabric Storage Basket Bins,[Set Of 2 Pack] (Tree + Whale Design)

Made of cotton and linen with a size of 7.9″X6.5″ X5.3″ inches, this foldable basket bin is a nice storage box for kids! Keep their accessories, blankets, toys, books, magazines and more! And it’s waterproof! These bins come in 2, 3, 4 and more pieces!

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4. Scrafts Pink Toy Stackable Organisers Storage Boxes for Kids With Handle & Wheel

Dimensions: 10.5″ X 8″ X 8″. A Kid-friendly design with wheels for easy movement, this pink toy cum stackable storage box consists of detachable wheels and handle which can be used by your child as a toy. Get them accustomed to putting away their toys themselves in the box. It helps nurture tidy life habits early. The box has recessed notches which can also be stacked in the closet.

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5. 3 Sprouts Toy Chest Storage Hippo Print – Light Pink & Peach

This beige box with a cute little pink Hippo is a must in your kids room! Its comparatively bigger than most storage boxes with dimensions being 38 x 60 x 36 cm. Its sides are reinforced with cardboard so it remains upright all the time. Comes with a lid so that the stuff you’ve dumped in there isn’t visible to guests who’ve come by for a surprise visit and make the box look messy!

Picture Credit firstcry

6. Toy Storage Box Folding Organizer

Dimensions: L33cm x W33cm x H33cm

These storage box for kids are apt for anything and everything they own. Keep all your kids’ stuff in these boxes, whether its books or toys or clothing or even laundry. From penguins and pandas to porcupines and peacocks, there’s a variety to choose from!  Just stack these boxes in shelves. When not in use, put these foldable boxes away.

And, they’re made of environment-friendly material!

Picture Credit Life Changing Products

7. 6 Compartment Storage Unit- Pink & White

There are four big compartments with 51.5 x 37.5 x 18.5 cm as the inner dimensions and two small compartments with 37.5 x 22 x 18.5 cm as the inner dimensions with an overall dimension of 58 x 40 x 93 cm which are to be stacked yourself.

Recommended for ages 0-10, these storage units come in different colours such as green, pink and purple. If you want a bigger one, they’re also available in 4 and 5 compartments! They come with wheels which makes these portable!

Picture Credit firstcry

8. Floating Market Suitcase

This floating market storage box made of wood and canvas has a vintage charm to it. They are perfect for your daughter or niece to keep their bracelets, watches, necklaces, rings, personal journal and more.

Picture Credit Chumbak


This blue storage box with geometric patterns go well with a white background. Place them in shelves or leave it at the corner of the room. These boxes have handles which makes it convenient for your kid to slide them in or pull them out or just lifting them, they’re so light. These boxes have three single-coloured sides and one with patterns, so you can change the look whenever you like.

Picture Credit IKEA

10. VelKro Set of 2 Large Foldable Laundry Dress Clothes Kids Toys Storage Box with Lid Basket Bin Container – Brown (Set of 2)

These storage containers can be used for storing toys, closet accessories and games. When not being used, it collapses and becomes an office file where you can store important office documents and paperwork. The package size is 25cm x 20cm x 5cm (9.84in x 7.87in x 1.97in). There are no sharp edges so it isn’t very harmful for your kids.

Picture Credit Amazon

11. The Tickle Toe The Tickle Toe Book Shelf Racks Bookshelf Kids Toys Mini Multi-Function Plastic Box, Baby Toy Organizer Storage Bins  Pink Plastic Open Book Shelf

These storage boxes are perfect for their playrooms. You can keep all those lego blocks or puzzles in these and not have to worry about losing them.

These bins come in light pink and are easily removable, so the kids can take them out or put it back themselves.

Picture Credit Flipkart

12. Folding Storage Box

These 31.5 x 31.5 x 30.5 cm foldable storage boxes for kids are great to store their books and toys. This box cum stool keeps their room clean and organised and anyone can sit on them at the same time! The lids are cute and attractive and these storage boxes are extremely lightweight and easy to carry.

Picture Credit firstcry


This is a set of black sturdy wooden frames and plastic boxes which your children can slide out, carry around and put back without any help. The wooden anchors can be framed to the wall but you have to be aware while you’re at it.

If you don’t want to go for a black one, you can also go for a white frame with turquoise or orange boxes! There’s a variety to choose from!

Picture Credit IKEA

14. Baby Grow Children Storage Box Folding Stool Under Lid Padded Seat-Large (Blue Oink)

Another collapsible folding stool (60cm*h35cm*30cm) made of faux leather but this time rectangular in shape! This one is great for storing clothes, toys, blankets, shoes and books.

This storage box for kids has a padded lid so it becomes comfortable to sit on it. If you don’t like this one you can also go for the Pink Elephant one!

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This blue box is great for keeping games like LEGO in it. With so many small pieces, chances are pretty high that those little blocks have lost their way. The same goes for those small beads which comes with their bracelet kits.

Attach labels on these boxes so that you know what’s in which one.

Picture Credit IKEA

16. House of Quirk Foldable Laundry Hamper Bucket, Dirty Clothes Laundry Basket, Bin Storage Organizer for Toy Collection, Canvas Storage Basket Cartoon Design – White Flamingo Printed

Your girl will instantly fall in love with these quirky flamingo laundry bags, they are so cute and classy!

These eco-friendly material storage bins are apt for their laundry. If you want, you can also use them to dump their toys in them.

Tuck these bags away in the closet or the corner of their room. They are available in geometric patterns as well!

Picture Credit Amazon

If you are getting the interiors of the kid’s room, here are some ideas for customised storage boxes!

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