15 Best Indoor Games and Activities for 5 To 10-Year-Old Kids

As parents, it’s a struggle to keep kids away from using Netflix from dawn till dusk and playing PubG on your phone. With the holidays coming up, you’re wondering how to keep them away from the screen and engage in fun games and activities. Here are some indoor games and activities you can use to play with them on lazy afternoons or game nights or call their friends over for a play date!

1. World Map Activity Kit by CocoMoco Kids

Ages: 4-12 Years

If you want your kids to learn world geography and know all about the famous countries, their flags, currencies, famous animals, and make it as fun as possible so that they don’t get bored looking at an Atlas or a Map, this World Map Activity Kit is the perfect fit. Get them to paste reusable stickers of flags, currencies, names of monuments, famous places and animals in the correct places on the map and also help them spot the 7 wonders and label stickers, spot the tallest building, longest river and more! Trust us, you may want to do this too!

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2. Pictionary

Age: – 10 years and above!

It may seem like a simple draw and guess game but there is so much more to it. From reading the word to converting that into an image in the brain and then drawing it to send a message to the other players induces in a child to be creative. It helps improve hand-eye coordination. A fun game to ignite children’s imagination and doesn’t require anyone to be great in drawing.

For kids between 7 and 12, you can also go for Pictionary Junior!

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3. Chess

This one’s one of the oldest games and an absolute classic! This game is a great way to introduce your kids not only to strategize but also to strategize long term. It nurtures the ability to think ahead. Carry this game even while you’re vacationing or on a Sunday afternoon with your kids and teach them all about the different rules of Chess!

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4. Flashcard games- Nursery Flashcards with Wooden Frame

Put this wooden frame up on the walls of their room, nursery or playroom and hang all the flashcards in the frame. These bright and colourful cards are sure to draw their attention and make them curious.

Once these alphabet cards are up on the frame, point at a random alphabet card and ask them about the animals, fruits, places and more related to the pointed alphabet. You can also ask them to make sentences with the pictures of fruits or animals on those cards or make a past reference to when they ate that fruit to correlate their learning with day to day activities.

TIP: Add a different set of cards when you’re done with this set like farm animal flashcards or number flashcards. You can also hang up family pictures on this wooden frame!

Picture Credit Qtrove

5. Brain games

While the rise in technology has bought about some mind-boggling changes, it does come with some consequences. With the humongous number of gaming apps out there and more coming up every day, not to forget the social networking apps, kids these days are on these devices the entire day. It has hampered their way of living in more than one way, one of them is learning. There is definitely no going back on living without these devices or depriving them of it at all costs seeing how important they’ve become especially since COVID-19, there can be some damage control done here. Take them off the screen for some time and keep them engaged in some brain wracking activities. Anagrams are words formed by rearranging letters from a set of jumbled words or a different word. Anagrams have an important relation with linguistic intelligence. Linguistic intelligence is the ability to organise the mind and speak and write in a structured manner. Every morning give them five or ten anagrams to improve their linguistic intelligence!

Click here for more brain games for kids!

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6. Kitchen Set

Pretend play is one of the most important things for kids while growing up. It’s a way to improve their interpersonal skills, enhance their imagination and creativity and their emotional sense of self. Ever noticed your nephew or kid trying to copy you? Kids love to imitate adults! They want to wear boots if you are wearing boots, they want to apply nail colour is you have nail colour, they try to imitate you so much that they even try to talk the way you talk! If they see you bake, they definitely want to be a part of it! So why not get them their own kitchen set?

This kitchen set has a board where the kids can write the weekly specials or the daily menu for all their customers! It’s a great way to keep kids engaged and away from the screen.

Picture Credit IKEA

7. Origami

If you see them stressing over their never-ending assignments and the exams knocking on the door, sit with them and tell them to take a break for five or ten minutes and make these simple origami shapes and animals with them. It helps reduce stress and at the same time doesn’t dilute the concentration level. It takes minutes or sometimes even seconds to make these shapes. Once you’re done making these shapes, stack them all together and make your own wind chime at home or just decorate those pretty animals in their room!

You might want to sit with them while making these origami cranes so that they don’t miss out on a step or are struggling to keep up with the steps!

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This one’s a fun family game inspired by a Japanese game called Karuta. Karuta is played in Japan on New years and special occasions with family.

Gameplay: Proverbs are split into pairs of cards. Match cards and complete the pairs of proverbs. With a special emphasis on enhancing expression in language, these cards are neatly designed and split into two bright colours- red and blue. The red cards have the first half of an English Proverb while the blue cards have the second half of an English proverb. The corresponding cards of the same proverb share the same cute little graphic to keep the game thematic and guide children towards matching the cards.

This card game helps hone linguistic expression, boosts knowledge and improves interpersonal skills through social play.

Click here to check out more English Games for kids!

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9. Fun with Maths with Little Genius Wooden Learning Clock

Have you noticed that educational games for kids are the buzzwords right now? This idea of making learning fun came from the fact that kids find their homework extremely mundane and want to be done with it as soon as possible and are not interested enough or curious enough to learn more. To convert that mundane homework into something fun, play some of these games with them to make it fun and interesting by using real-life examples for better understanding and make rudimentary concepts crystal clear. Start early or whenever you see fit and improve their hand-eye coordination, interpersonal skills and better problem-solving skills. So play this game during holidays, family nights or on a summer afternoon with them and try to spark in them a love for learning! Remember a strong math foundation laid at an early stage will be useful for the rest of their lives! This one’s for kids aged 3-5 years. Use this wooden clock to teach them the concept of time and also introduce them to fractions. You’ll see an improvement in their hand-eye coordination.

Click here for math games by kids!

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10. Playdough Set

Playdough is a favourite among kids! These sets are a must-have game for toddlers. They have a role to play in the development of children, whether physical or brainy. From encouraging creativity and being imaginative to strengthening their muscles and finger coordination, there are many! We want them to be engrossed in what they’re doing and at the same time develop motor and social skills and hand-eye coordination from an early stage to start building their foundation.

There is a variety of playdough sets to choose from, like baking and cooking to fire truck sets! They come in glittered packs too! Check out the Funskool website for more playdough sets!

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11. Hide and Seek

If you have a spacious house, you can play this one for hours! Either count till 20 with your eyes closed and tell them to hide or ask them to count till 20 with eyes closed and get everyone to hide in different places! Once the seeker is done counting, they will have to go to find others!

The first person to be caught has to count the next time when the others hide again.

Hide and clap is another game you can try at home!

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12. Treasure Hunt

This one’s one of the most exciting games to play with your kids! Hide their most valued treasures and draw a map of the house and mark all the places you’ve hidden their treasure. You can also make riddles and tell them to crack those riddles and find their treasure!

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13. Bowling Set

This bowling set for kids is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. It’s one of the most fun indoor games to play with kids during their holidays. This game is a great way to improve their hand-eye coordination, balance and gross motor skills.

Picture Credit SHOP2INDIA

14. DIY Glass Painting Kit

A  digression from the same old art and craft kits, buy this glass painting activity kit. It brings out their creativity and helps improve their concentration. It’s a great way to keep them engrossed for hours at length. Once they’re done you can get it framed in the future.

Click here to buy this activity box!

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15. DIY Wreaths

You can make these beautiful wreaths yourself easily at home! All that’s required is an embroidery ring, some wool, adhesive, a pair of scissors and pom-pom balls with colours of your choice but mostly something that goes with your front door. Just cover the embroidery ring with wool and stick those colourful pom-poms. Drill a nail on your front door and hang it with a ribbon which coordinates with your DIY wreath! And you’re done! Decorate your entrance with your own home-made colourful wreath!

For more DIY craft activities you want to try at home, click here!

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