13 DIY Craft Ideas with Kids

On afternoons when your kids are free from their homework and summer projects, use these unique ideas and spend some quality time with them by being creative. You can use some of these ideas to decorate their room, the front door, the walls or the mantelpiece. So take these ideas and get to work!

1. Glass Bottle Decoration

Reuse those old milkshake bottles and make pretty showpieces for the living room or the TV stand! All you need is some colourful wool and adhesive to cover them. Put some artificial flowers to them or decorate them by writing letters or make different floral shapes with sequin confetti. It’s that easy!!

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2. DIY Wreaths

Decorate your entrance with these beautiful wreaths, which you can make at home easily! All you need is an embroidery ring, some wool, adhesive, a pair of scissors and pom-pom balls with colours of your choice but mostly something that goes with your front door. Just cover the embroidery ring with wool and stick those colourful pom-poms. Drill a nail on your front door and hang it with a ribbon which coordinates with your DIY wreath!

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3. Wall DÉCOR

Another beautiful décor idea for your kid’s room. Be creative and paint the walls with your kids with old round sponges and paint to create wallpapers yourself. You could also cut out pieces of chart paper and shape them into hearts and diamonds or moons and stars! Stick them to the strings and hang them up on your wall and surround them with fairy lights. For your boy’s room, you could cut the chart paper into anchors and whales for nautical theme hangings!

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4. Paper Plate and Cups Art

Some paper plates and cups from last night’s party still left? Use them to make cup bunnies or paper plate pigs! Make these cute animal theme plates with materials easily available at your home! Borrow some wool from granny, sure she’s got them since she’s making everyone something for winters! Fill those cups up with chocolates and keep them on the study because everyone munches when they read.

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5. Mason Jar Decoration

Old mason jars, when decorated with glitter and candles, are beautiful! Decorate them with glitter or mirror confetti and add cute messages or chocolates and gift them to their best friends! Or you can also put some candles inside these mason jars and use them as a decoration for festivals like Diwali, Christmas, New Years or for a casual soiree!

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6. DIY Wind Chimes

An extension to the DIY hangers mentioned above, club them together under an embroidery ring covered with wool and hang them from their bedroom ceiling! Or you can always improvise by making origami shapes instead of cutting out shapes from chart papers! Making origami shapes like cranes, birds, boats are also a fun way to spend time with them! Origami art is said to help reduce stress as well!

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7. Leaf Art

It’s something that you’ve probably done with your kids in the past but it never gets old! While making these beautiful leafy animals, tell them all about photosynthesis and why most leaves are green or the different leaf colours found all over the world and try to make this activity as engaging as possible! You can also tell them fun facts about the animals you’re trying to make while doing this!

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8. DIY Planters and Stationery Holders

Instead of throwing away those canned food cans, wash them up properly and cover them with chart paper or colourful paper and let them draw their desired design! Or another way to make stationery holders is by using ice cream sticks! Stick them together and paint them or decorate it with paper butterflies and flowers! You can use plastic soda bottles, cut them and paint them using acrylic paints and grow plants in the as well! To make these, one needs to know the correct way to grow plants in a plastic planter.

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9. No brush art

All you need for this one is your hands! No brush required at all. Mix some paints, dip their hands in them and imprint them on the paper! Get the entire family to imprint their hands and get them framed to hang it on the wall! Or use old soda bottles, dip the ends and make cute cherry blossom trees with them!

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10. Sock Bunnies

We all have that one sock whose pair we’ve lost ages ago while giving it for a wash 😛 Put these poor things to use and create these cute sock bunnies all by yourself and that too at home! You can use kidney beans instead of rice if you want or rather any cereal or pulses would work for that matter. So put those old raggy socks to better use and create your sock bunnies now!

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11. Origami Art

Did you know that making shapes out of these colourful papers reduces stress and anxiety? Well, now you know! Make colourful patterns out of them or cute little rabbits! You can also make jumping frogs and race with them! Whoever gets to the finish line first, wins! So what are you waiting for? Order origami sheets and get on with it!

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12. DIY Pom-Pom Rugs

Another craft idea which involves pom-poms! Use a jute rope and stick it with adhesive in a circular manner as to make a circle for the base. As for the pom-poms, you can either stick them or stitch them! It’s up to you! You can use any colour combination you like, take ideas from the picture below or create your colour combination and design, one that coordinated with the colour of their room!

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13. Canvas Art

Cut out pieces of different coloured chart paper in different shapes,  stick them on a white chart paper or you can also use a canvas board, stick sellotape and paint on them! Make any design you way, flowers, leaves, anything at all! You can also keep them simple. Once you’re done, remove the sellotape and you’ve made art with your kid at home! Once you’re done get them frames for their room!

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Let us know which idea did you like the most and the one that you made with your kids!

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